22 Dec 14 Monday – CrossFit Total

I really am enjoying coaching this motivated bunch in CF Plymouth. I rocked up at 0600 to open up and thought there might just be 1 or 2 coming along during this Christmas week. However, 5 showed up and all highly enthusiastically too!

To start this week, the CrossFit Total was our opener. 1RM Back Squat, 1RM Strict Press and 1RM Deadlift. With a duff left achilles, strained right hamstring and it being 0615, I knew I wasn’t going to be setting the world alight. My previous bests were 135, 87.5 and 190 respectively; I am starting to believe that the 87.5 for Strict Press was a random anomaly and if there weren’t other people in CF Keelhaul recording my scores at the time I would think I had just got the weights all wrong. I’ve never been able to get close to that score since but who knows.

The back squat today was a grand 130 which equals the recent 1RM set a few weeks ago; it’s still not the 150 that I set on board ship but again, I’m not hitting those heights at the moment.

The strict press resulted in a 75kg and I was pretty chuffed with that all told. It’s my best of recent times.

With knackered achilles and hamstring (and having attempted Grace yesterday), I knew the deadlift was going to be a real struggle. Sure enough, 180 was the best I could achieve; I attempted 190 (twice) but my hamstring started to tremble and ping. I’m away from the 200 that I’ve cracked twice before but I’ll get back up there.

As a bit of an aside but quite illuminating, I asked everyone to do 2min AMRep Wall Balls.

Straight off the bat, controlling my breathing, I achieved a total of 53 with 40 of them unbroken; I thought this was a pretty good score but looking at Beyondthewhiteboard.com proved it to be much better than I thought. It sits on the 82nd Percentile!! I am very pleased with that; along with the massive jump earlier this week in the Open 14.5 rerun, this shows some significant developments in other areas, even if raw strength has dipped a bit.


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