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Welcome to NomadCelt’s Blog, a journey of life and fitness, one WOD at a time.

I need to state upfront that I am not a CrossFit Affiliate and “@nomadiccrossfit” it is not intended to infer as such. The moniker is merely a Twitter-friendly handle of “My Nomadic CrossFit Experience”.

I’ve been blogging now for quite some time, covering everything that crosses my path and takes my fancy but always wrapped up in the day’s fitness activities, wherever and however they may be taken. I’m a husband, father (of 3 warrior princesses), serving member of the military, former rugby player, and outdoorsman. These days, my main physical endeavours consist of ‘almost’ daily CrossFit WODs (I’m a CF Level 2 Trainer and CF Weightlifting Trainer, and CMI Level 5 Diploma Coach) and the occasional Obstacle Course Race whenever I can fit one in. My overarching goal in life is to be the best Dad I can be, giving my little team the greatest exposure to the best possible path on their own journeys.

Join me on this journey through my life, one WOD at a time, as I digest and discuss the main topics of the day while chronicling my path to increased strength, speed, power and overall fitness.

Check out #flashwod on Twitter and Instagram for my other contributions to social media and social fitness.


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