Being led by the talented crowd

Being led by the crowd isn’t always a bad thing and can greatly enhance the journey to your goal.
If we are the average of the influences around us then make them powerful influences.
In all areas of your life, find those people that inspire you, immerse yourself in what makes them tick. Let their good habits motivate, inspire and change you.
Before you know it, you might just find someone surrounding themself with you and what makes you tick.
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Coaching: It’s never too late.

It’s possible to go too far,
It’s possible to regain the balance,
People can change things for the better.

Profound thoughts from ancient stories, found in the beautiful surrounds of the @edenprojectcornwall

It’s never too late to make a change.

Want to start? Drop me a DM. No charge, just chat.
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Coaching: Take Opportunities

Sub-8 min miles for 6+ miles, on and off-road.

Yep, happy with that.
Some days you just don’t know what is going to happen but you must seize opportunities when they arise.
It’s been another tough training week (aren’t they all?) and the legs are starting to feel it. I went out with the main of sticking to 8:30/mile for about 4-5 miles but found that I was cruising along somewhat faster. Ok, so it wasn’t on my training plan for that today but what an opportunity to bypass and leap ahead in the training!
It’s all well and good getting melancholy about the down days but you have to seize the good ones when they appear 👍

The word in the top right is unrelated 😆😆 _______________________
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Coaching Virtuosity – The Standard You Walk Past is the Standard You Accept.

This sentence is a defining phrase in UK Military leadership and in militaries across the world. It establishes the necessity for high standards to be maintained for top class forces, and the role of the leader in ensuring them. It can apply as much to standards of dress as to the application of military education and training. It’s about discipline in both the leader and the led. If you let the little things slide, then big things will slide.

In coaching, especially in coaching high skill movements and in coaching towards complex goals, the same applies. A Snatch, a Clean, even a Deadlift, can be broken down in to a series of separate movements that require discipline to get right. The journey towards a lengthy and complex goal equally requires discipline in maintaining nutrition, sleep, adherence to the programme, and so forth. The mindset that allows a sloppy setup in the Snatch, or allowing 1, 2, then 3 days off of a programme can easily become habit and will only undermine the goal.

I write this after having spent the last 7 years training and coaching others in 3 CrossFit gyms (2 non military) and at a personal level, with hundreds athletes, on a variety of team, group personal goals. I am not a military physical training instructor, although have spent those last 7 years developing multiple CrossFit and formal coaching qualifications

I have also spent almost half of my life in an organisation where broad, functional fitness is paramount to success. From leaping through windows with weapons and kit, to covering up to 30 miles with 25kg in 7-8 hours cross-country, to controlled descents out of helicopters and ascents up cliffs…and in all global environments, and at a moment’s notice. To maintain this level of ability, you can imagine the broad fitness training required at a group and an individual level. At a group level, we maintain extremely high standards of success to be achieved, with mandatory tests and very robust group build/maintain programmes.

However, at an individual level people are generally left to their own devices to train, either to a proposed programme or to their own. Increasingly, definitely as a result of the CrossFit boom, free weights are used, as well as far more complex movements, especially gymnastics. With these new movements comes an increased risk to the individual…when performed badly. This is not opinion. It is fact. Increasingly, individuals are seeing movements performed in a gym, lifting a barbell and lifting it badly. Or they are seeing tyre flips, attempting the largest tyre themselves and lifting it badly. Or seeing handstand walks, attempting it themselves and…. So on. The same is true of sports nutrition…a little bit of information or mimicking others…and a goal is undermined or even disastrously ruined.

So, as a coach, trained to deliver those movements correctly, walks in to the room and sees poor form (or sees poor form being ‘taught’ to others despite that person having no such training whatsoever), what should they do?

Should they continue with their own workout and ignore it? Do they have a responsibility to step in and propose guidance? Should they ignore poor form and only step in for dangerous form?

There is no definitive answer.

However, if is my personal opinion that “the standard you walk past is the standard you accept”.

As a qualified coach and qualified to identify & rectify faults in some movements, I feel a responsibility to step in, especially when I know the movement to be dangerous – and even more of an imperative if someone is ‘teaching’ dangerous form. I feel this from a personal discipline point of view and am not being a dick when I step in to help out, regardless of the ego underneath the bar at the time. Where I am not qualified, but still know the ‘thing’ to be wrong, it is my responsibility to point them to a credible and qualified reference; for me, this is especially the case with nutrition. To walk past, and then to see a future injury or failure knowing you could have intervened, is a weakness.

If a coach walks in and fails to maintain standards, how does that look to others in the room who know you are a coach, know that what is being done is wrong, and see you do nothing? How have you maintained you credibility? It tells others that you do not hold high standards.

For me, virtuosity in coaching is as (more) important than virtuosity in the movement by the athlete themselves. That is not to say that the coach must be able to perform it 100% correctly, of course not, but they must step in when they know what is being done is wrong and offer advice and guidance to rectify it. If the athlete chooses to ignore you, then your ego is the thing that must then back down – there is only so much you can do (“lead a horse to water but can’t make them drink it “), but your conscience is then clear.

If you walk past one person, then you just might walk past the next person, and the next. Before long, the standards around you fall and you have not only a massive job on your hands when you are called upon to remedy it, but no credibility to stand in front of them anyway.

I’d be really happy to read and discuss your thoughts on this.

“The Standard You Walk Past is the Standard You Accept”

Coaching: Who are You?

Be honest.
Not with me, or with that beautiful person in your life.
With yourself.

What motivates you?

Are you motivated simply by being a part of a team?
Are you motivated by team success, knowing your part made a difference?
Are you motivated by success by feel you’re better off alone?
Are you motivated by the position of power itself?

None of these positions is any better or worse than another. We are all different, the sum of our experiences. None of us will be entirely one point on this triangle and not close to another. We’re a blend, find yourself in there.

Knowing yourself, and understanding how you perform at your best is a vital element of success.
As coaches, we will often have a view of you that you might not have seen yourself. It is our role to help and guide you to your goal. Perhaps when we ask you to pair up, its because we’ve seen how you respond when another person is relying on you too. If we set a seemingly unrelated challenge for you, it might be because we believe you do well with tangible goals in front of you. If we set you in front of the class, you might just be the leader they’re looking for.

We won’t always get it right, and we need feedback too so tell us. But do be honest with yourself too.
Who are you and what motivates you?

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Coaching: Choosing to Win

Throwback to 2015 when I got to meet, and have some squat pointers from, the great @karasaundo

The inspirational thing for me is not what the likes of Kara continue to achieve, but that she (and most champs) are just regular folk who decided what it was they wanted and went for it. Was any of it easy? No. Were there hurdles in the way? Hell yes. Have they had to make hard choices and priorities? Yes. Do they have a mental ‘something’ that makes them special? Maybe.

But they’re still mortal beings like the rest of us.

They just made a choice to succeed.

Thanks, Kara, all the best!

#Repost @nomadiccrossfit (@get_repost)
Congratulations to @karawebb1 for winning the CrossFit Games Pacific Regionals. Awesome work!

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Coaching: Goal planning, you SWOT

You know what you want to achieve. The goal is set.
You’re primed, motivated, bouncing with enthusiasm!

Next up, a little look at some considerations as you plan the route to your target.

In relation to the goal:

What are your strengths? Are you already a ninja cyclist in your quest for the Tour de France? You already understand bike maintenance and have a solid support crew?

Be honest about weaknesses. Do you really have the necessary time for the training for that Ironman? How’s the dodgy knee holding up?
Threats…identify them and put a little plan in to mitigate them, should they arise. Is there a summer holiday coming up that you know means your training programme will suffer? Perhaps you know that Easter is coming and those chocolate eggs are going to prove too tempting…how do you factor those in to your weightloss plan?

Opportunities come and must be seized. What is out there that can enhance your plan? Maybe there’s a cycling event that suits where you are in the programme. Perhaps a friend points you to a weightloss nutrition seminar that could really keep you motivated.

At the end of going around these questions, you’ll come out with a better understanding of what needs to be done in order to get to your goal, using your strengths and seizing opportunities, while building on your weaknesses and overcoming some of the threats.

If you’d like a coaching chat and help in building your own plan, drop me a DM. No charge, just chat.
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