28 Dec 14 – Death By Overhead Squats



After having spent almost a week of obscene over-indulgence, it is time to get back on the wagon and start ramping up towards the CF Open in a few months time.

Many articles that I’ve seen on CrossFit-related magazines/forums/websites have all hyped up the requirement to control yourself over the Christmas period and not succumb to the temptations of beer, chocolate and potatoes. What I say to that is, “balls”. Unless you have a specific, world-beating goal at stake, a few days of indulgence will make little difference to the long-term changes that we set out to achieve overall. Sure, you may put on an extra pound or two, perhaps a few percent points of body fat, but actually they are very recoverable in short order once you are back in to the swing of regular sessions in the box.

Unless your whole family are bought in to the obsessive cult of CrossFit (or any other fitness regime/community), it is highly unlikely that you won’t look like a bit of a dick when you sit down for Christmas lunch and say, “no potatoes for me please, I’m all paleo”. If your wife goes to the greatest of cares to produce a wonderful Christmas, complete with all the trimmings (including beer, chocolate, nuts and an amazing week of meals) then you will feel a complete arse turning it all down just because your ‘coach’ told you that you should. Again, if you’re heading for an imminent goal where you will be up against the very best then abstain in the name of the greater good but otherwise just enjoy yourself.

I’m not saying that you should intentionally let it all go and stuff your face with everything you can find, far from it. What I am saying is that you shouldn’t be a miserable git about it all. So what if you put a pound or two on, it will come off again sure enough.


Anyway, on to today’s little WOD after 4 days off (I didn’t record it but we did a 12 Days of Christmas WOD on 24th that took 41:08!!)

Death By (Ladder starting at 1, increasing by 1 rep each minute)

Overhead Squats @ 40kg

Total 11 Rounds plus 9 = 75 total OHS.


This was done in the garage. I think that with a put of pushing, I could have managed another 3, taking me in to the next round but then I wouldn’t have managed more than another 4 or 5. I am happy with this overall and it was a good leg stretch before tomorrow morning’s 0615 session at CF Plymouth.


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