11 Aug 14 – 4 Tabatas

So, what did I do today to justify the fantastic mexican-style pork escalopes, sweet potato wedges and corn on the cob?

“Not enough” is the correct answer but it was bloody delicious anyway!

Since my last WOD (“Kelly”) on Monday, we have moved house and I have not been able to get a workout in. Lots of moving boxes around which involved repeated work on squat form, however. Anyway, today was the first chance I’ve had to get in to the new garden and I’ve not got anything set up yet….more on that in a moment. To really make up for a few days off, I decided on Tabata 4 Ways; Air Squats,  Push Ups, Sit Ups and Thrusters (42.5kg). The fact that I have had a week off is no excuse for the scores I threw down, especially the Thrusters.

Squats 146
Push Ups 81
Sit Ups 108
Thrusters 22

This was entirely back to back with no rest between Tabatas. Very close to being sick at the end. The Push Ups are something that I really used to specialise in but this appears to have dropped off a little recently. The Thrusters were utterly honking. I intentionally went “heavy” to finish and while I hit 7 on the first round, the remainder were 3 and then 2s. Sure, I should have done more but couldn’t find the incentive to push myself. Self – motivation is an aspect I truly have to focus on.

On a positive note, my beyondthewhiteboard.com score is up to 68 now due to my recent Kelly score.

There is some pretty good news about this move now though too…..I have my own garage gym!
For the first time we have a garage big enough to throw weight above my head and with plenty of space around me. While I can’t put pull up bars in there due to it belonging to the military, there is a tree right outside for me to put rings up. Pics to follow once set up.


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