13 Aug 14 – Building my own place

I spent my hour this morning shifting weights from the house to the garage. In my mind, my own little garage gym is going to be immense and powerful. It is up to me to ensure it is the case. So far, however, it looks like this:


I have enough weight to Clean & Jerk, Squat front and back, and work hard on Deadlift but not enough for a 1 or 2 RM.
Missing from the photos is my homemade squat rack but I will be looking for a cheap one to replace it anyway. There are 20lb/9kg Medicine Balls, space outside for Gymnastic work and trees to hang rings in. Sure, I don’t have a bench but this is not meant to be a fully loaded space, just a place I can use to supplement.

So to kick off, after having moved the weight about, I actually only worked hanging from my rings. Working a 7min-A-Day Hanging challenge from idoportal.com/blog, I accumulated 3 mins at 1 min with a 1 min rest. Hanging completely passively is tough! I completed 2 mins overhand and 1min underhand. The rest will be done throughout the day.


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