06 Aug 14 – Kelly and non-time based Progression


2 years since my last attack on Kelly and I took a 1min 17sec regression.

Well, with such a slow time of 27mins 35secs, you would certainly think it to be a backward step. However, as was pointed out by TEJ at CrossFit Iron Duke, there was no way that two years ago I was hitting full depth in the wall balls, always hitting the 10′  target nor doing the Box Jumps properly. My work to RX movements is paying off and I was pleased with the movement standards throughout. I will also add the 3 children, lack of sleep, the heat and the stress of moving house today. Yeah, excuses, excuses, but I have to be honest about the situation I am in and how it relates to my goals.

Submitting the score to btwb.com was pleasing though. What I consider a poor Rx time was still a 65th percentile score which will begin to nudge my scores up overall.

CrossFit Iron Duke is a fantastic new facility in Waterlooville, Hampshire. Set up by friends of mine, this was the first time I had a chance to visit. It’s now my home from home when I’m in the area. 4 of us from CrossFit Keelhaul took the afternoon off to WOD there.  Superb coaches with multiple qualifications throughout, this is a superb place for beginners and elite athletes. I highly recommend visiting them, starting at http://www.crossfitironduke.com. Find them on Facebook too.


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