Coaching: Paying for Goals

We can talk loudly about what we want. We can tell our friends and family our great intentions. We can set the vision of success in our head.

But at some point, the work has to start. Nothing worthwhile comes for free.

And, I think it is worth adding, if you’re not willing to put the effort in then stop moaning about it. Enjoy where you’re at and be happy or you’ll forever be chasing the unachievable and never be content.
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Coaching: Comparisons with You. Lesson for Me.

It is extremely easy to compare yourself to those around you, to see their gains and progression, and to miss your own development. Indeed, healthy competition promotes growth and should be harnessed. However, do remember that ultimately it really is just You vs You.

I had to remind myself of this yesterday when logging my scores on @crossfitbtwb. Where previously, my scores would rest in between the 75th and 85th percentile worldwide, I’ve started to see a real drop since logging my Comptrain scores…back in to the high 60s. This could be pretty demoralising, were it not for the reminder that I’m now comparing myself to a small demographic of already fit individuals, who are on average that little bit fitter still! Where once I was comparing generic scores across hundreds of thousands of global CrossFitters of all standards, now I am focused on a smaller demographic of Comptrain athletes, who are typically a little more developed, placing me lower on average among them.

Even among those inspiring individuals and teams, however, it must also be reiterated that we are each on our own journey, with a different start point, a different ending, and very different hurdles along the way. No 2 people are the same, with the same aspirations or challenges.
As long as you are “sucking a little less at life every day”, you’re winning.
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Coaching: Who are you in 5 years time?

Challenges and strong Goals are awesome. Constantly bettering yourself, seeking greater achievement and success.

What is the higher purpose of it all?
Who do you want to be in 1..3..5 years time? What will others see when they look at you? Where will you be in relation to where you are now?

What life are you creating?

If you fancy chatting through some ideas, airing a few thoughts about your direction of travel, drop me a DM. No charge, just chat.

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Coaching: Not grumpy, just recharging.

“Why are you grumpy?”
“What’s bitten you?”
“Oh, you’re no fun today.”
“Don’t bite!” Isn’t it funny how, if you’re not your ‘normal’, bubbly self, then you’re perceived as grumpy or miserable? You may have done nothing particularly grumpy, and are perfectly civil and polite, yet these terms come in; not only that but you then feel under pressure to ‘perform’. For some of us, it takes considerable energy to be that bubbly, positive force. It’s the kind of person we would always like to be, and do try to be, but for whatever circumstance we just find it harder to maintain it than others. Being social and engaging, especially if it is not natural for us to be so, can be draining.
It means that we just need a little time to recharge and regenerate. Typically, that might be to just find a quiet space, dive in to a book, plug in some headphones, or go for a walk in the fresh air.
Some may term it ‘extrovert’ vs ‘introvert’ but they are too binary and don’t contain the complexity of human minds and emotions.

But, just because we’ve gone quiet doesn’t mean we’ve shut ourselves off and are not still engaged or working hard. Neither does it mean that we have become moody or grumpy at something. It’s just the way we are, and we are all different. I’ve said it repeatedly but we are the sum of our experiences, nature and nurture, noone is the same.
So, the next time you see someone in your gym, class, office, who is perhaps just a bit more quiet today, please don’t always assume that there is something wrong or that they are “being pissy”. Perhaps you don’t quite yet know them as well as you thought and are now just learning a little more about them. They may just be recharging so that tomorrow they can be awesome once more.

As coaches, it is vital that we understand those in our charge and appreciate their mental state in order to deliver the most optimum service. Do you?

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Coaching: Always Time, Always a Place

If health and fitness is a priority to you, you will find space and you will find time.
Hotel room, street, in a park, around a city, even on a plane (DM for details).
Bodyweight resistance, lift and move a rock, sprint up a hill, push ups and squats on the spot, pull ups on scaffolding, lunges around a carpark. Be imaginative.
Everything you need is close to hand.
If it’s not a priority, you won’t, and don’t worry about it or feel pressured by it. While I believe health and fitness is an absolute requirement for all, I also accept that everyone has their own life priorities. But, if you fancy a change and want to start fitting a little fitness and health in to your life, drop me a message. No charge, just chat.


Nutrition Review: Goode Health Nutrition

I wrestled long and hard about whether or not to put this picture up. As you know, I’ve never been a “tops-off CrossFitter” and have always referred to myself as a bit of a “melted ActionMan”. However, aside from this just being an awesome picture of my mum and me at my 40th, this past weekend, I wanted to use it as an advert for @goodehealthnutrition (Instagram). You see, I think I look in pretty good nick for a 40yr old, in this pic at least, and much of that is down to Charlie Goode. After having some pretty less than splendid results from a DEXA scan late last year, I reached out to Charlie for some advice. As quick as a flash, she took my details, dug in to the books and came up with a personalised profile for me and my lifestyle. DM me for the precise details but suffice to say she really helped me clean up my eating, and put it in to appropriate areas of the day to suit my training.

As a result, I typically train twice a day now; AM for triathlon endurance, and PM for strength/conditioning. I get the rest I know I need and am performing so much better overall. My body fat was at 20% and, while I havent been DEXA’d again, I know it is now at least 4% lower just from visuals.

Sure, nothing is perfect. Weekends usually go a little off the rails, and I’m on a residential Masters programme so there’s a bit of student life to contend with. But I think I can honestly state that 80%+ of the time I stick to the expert advice of @goodehealthnutrition.

There’s no way I could perform as well as I have been without it and certainly no way I’d be putting a topless picture of me up without it.


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Coaching: Injured!


I should have seen this coming, the signs have been there for months.
What I have circled is the average force of my left and right legs during long cycles on the @wattbike. At no time during the last 9 months has my right leg been equal to my left. This is even more the case on very long and fatiguing rides. The reasons are complex, typically a quad/hamstring/glute imbalance, that just makes that leg not as strong as the other.

But I didn’t pay attention to that data because overall my cycling scores have been getting rapidly better.

Until yesterday. After 3 years off, I decided to pick up a rugby ball again, with a view to full contact rugby as of September. I’ll get in to, “why the hell!” in the future but in short, I REALLY miss it.
What was first apparent is that despite the creeping age, I am still BLOODY QUICK! It surprised me and I loved it.

And so, it was as I was dodging and weaving to a second try that a sniper shot me in the back of the right leg and I pulled up (after scoring, of course). It wasn’t major, but I could feel the slight tear in my hamstring. Contrary to what you might advise out there, I remained on the pitch for another 15 mins just to keep it moving, warm, and loose. I didn’t sprint again but just put the ball through the hands to others.

On waking this morning, it’s clear that the damage is just above the right knee at the back of the leg, quite deep in. I’ve had this kind of damage before but never remedied it properly, basically through lack of education and commitment.

So, what now?

Well, some rest but not a lot. The picture shows my ride this morning WITH the injury. When I did single-leg drills at the end, the difference was stark, my right leg almost uncontrollable for the 2 minute period.

I am not “off games” and won’t cancel my intent to return to rugby. This is honestly an exciting opportunity to resolve an imbalance and come out stronger.

So here come more GHD sit ups / extensions, single-leg curls, Romanian deadlifts and cycling drills. Here’s to speed!

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