CrossFit Open 2018 – Final Scores


CF Open 2017

  • Worldwide Masters (35-39) – 86th %tile
  • Europe Central Masters (35-39) – 87th %tile

CF Open 2018

  • Target: place higher than 2017
  • Stretch Target: 90th %tile


  • Worldwide Masters (35-39) – 85th %tile
  • Europe Central Masters (35-39) – 89th %tile

I’m happy. I dropped a placing Worldwide and gained 2 in Europe Central. When you look at my per-WOD scores and take in to account the car crash of 18.2, you see that I actually did pretty damned well. Indeed, only 30 secs faster on 18.2 would have seen me well above the 90th %tile, perhaps as high as 91st, with my Worldwide score beating my target handsomely. Oh, for a bit of a kick in the pants during that WOD. Nevermind. It’s done now.

I hadn’t quite realised it either but this is my final year in the 35-39 Masters category. As of next year I shall be in the 40-44 age group!

So what’s next?

Well, tomorrow I begin my first non-Open competition with “The Battle For The Middle Ground“. 3 WODs over 3 weeks as Qualifiers, with the finals in Huddersfield 15/16 June. I’m competing in the Masters Middle Ground division and obviously have no intent on reaching the finals, I just want more competition experience to ensure I don’t crash out as I did in 18.2. And besides, it gives me something to work towards, I love competing and don’t get the chance all that often. After this…more of the same, I hope, with the UK Throwdown Event in October looming too.


Prelude: CrossFit Games Open 2018

CrossFit Games Open 2018

Its that time of year again. Since first taking part in 2012, in Afghanistan, and officially entering in 2013, the CrossFit Games Open competition has become a staple of my year. If I compete in nothing else, I move all I have to in order to ensure I can compete in this.


It’s my annual stock take. It’s the review of my training, demonstrating my improving fitness year on year. It’s a chance to throwdown with those I’ve trained and have trained with. It’s an opportunity to see how prepared I am for the ‘unknown and unknowable’ as Dave Castro does his best to challenge us in new and imaginative ways.


My final Masters (35-39) placing last year was 86th percentile (top 14%), with it slightly higher across Europe with 87th percentile. The goal this year is of course to beat that, with an ambitious target of 90th percentile for Masters worldwide.

Can I do it? I believe I can. I worked extremely hard on strength in 2017, improving significantly in all lifts. My CV conditioning is also greatly improved, with regular PBs coming in benchmark WODs. Sure, I’ll need to be illness-free to make this work. I usually suffer during at least 1 WOD but have taken a week of rest this year prior to the run-up. With a great deal of travel over the next few weeks, I’ve also booked in to other boxes to ensure I can squeeze them in.

One and Done

Each year, I promise I’ll be “one and done” but always repeat at least one. I don’t think I’ll have the opportunity this year, with some having to be performed on Friday AM, and others on Monday PM. Unless something goes very wrong, it will be ‘one and done’.


Yes, I want to show improvement. But there are too many things out of my hands. If I don’t succeed, it’s not the end of the world. It has to be about Fun, first and foremost. Enjoying the experience, wherever it takes place, and putting my all in to it, leaving nothing in the tank for ‘if only’.

So, Dave, bring it on. Show me what you got. I’m ready.

New Year: Review & Staring Ahead with Excitement


Welcome back, athletes, bloggers, readers, and wonderful subscribers to this meandering blog. I hope you had a superb New Year and are primed for the greatness that 2018 will undoubtedly bring. 2017 was a bit rubbish for many, although having just read my post from this time last year, apparently not as bad as 2016 was! So it’s all been upwards. And so I expect 2018 to be…upwards yet further.

Sitting here watching Scarlets vs Dragons rugby, in my cousin’s house in South Wales (although I’m an Ospreys fan), I’ve got about an hour to sit and reflect on my CrossFit successes of 2017 and look to what I seek to achieve in 2018.


So, what were my 2017 Goals?

  1. Achieve a top 25% in CF Open 2017
  2. Look and Feel Healthier
  3. Complete 2 x Obstacle Races
  4. Significantly Improve in Strength / Olympic Lifting

And, how have I done?

  1. CF Open 2017. I smashed this goal with my best ever position – top 17% of individual males and top 14% of Masters Men (35-39), taking in to account all competitors, Rx and Scaled, who recorded all 5 workouts.
  2. Look & Feel Healthier. Yes. For the first time on this CF journey, I feel like a credible CrossFitter. Through good nutrition, and plenty of hard work, I actually believe I look and compete like I belong there. It’s vain, I know, but it’s a motivating factor – we all want to look good for the effort we put in. The biggest difference has been nutrition which must continue in to 2018.
  3. Events. I signed up for 2 events, as planned, but the first was cancelled on the day; the Swim/Run event had to be postponed due to weather. We’ve been promised that we can reattend in 2018 though and so that’ll be on my list. The second event, “Mission: Unbreakable”, a 10km OCR in North Devon was a huge amount of fun and really motivated me to get in another one this year.
  4. Strength. Perhaps my biggest success of this year. As soon as the Open finished, I began on the AMRAP Plus One Advanced Weightlifting programme. Beginning with a 102.5kg Clean & Jerk, and a 72.5kg Snatch, I concluded 2018 with a 112.5kg Clean & Jerk, and an 80kg Snatch. oh, and a destroyed barbell 😉
  5. CF Level 2 Trainer. Not a goal that I set out to achieve at the beginning of the year but an opportunity that was too good to miss. Thank you to CF Watford for giving me the space (and money) to do this; I’ve really grown as a coach over the last few years at CF Plymouth and CF Watford but this course gave me so much more too.



So, going in to 2018, what do I want to see? Well, more of the same, to be honest. Keeping the same themes, my goals are:

  1. CF Open 2018. Achieve top 15% individual male finish in CF Open 2018. I never thought I’d be in this space, if I’m honest and it’s exciting me.
  2. Look & Feel Healthy. Christmas put a bit of a dent in to the good work but it’ll come back by the end of Jan. Having recently had a DNAFit Fitness Diet Pro test, I also know a few changes that I need to make to achieve greater success with my nutrition. It’s critical that I maintain the good standards that I set in 2017.
  3. Events. More events. I want to compete; I’m looking for some midweek CF events, should they exist. If not, I might sign up for the Battle of Britain Qualifiers or something like that. I’m reattempting the Swim/Run event in Devon, if it comes off, and I would like to run the Cardiff half-marathon with other family members. There’s also a “Stand Up 2 Cancer” CF event in October that I’m determined to compete in.
  4. Strength. I’m going to consolidate on this for a few months while the Open takes place. I want to get to the stage where 100kg Clean & Jerk is ‘comfortable’ and can be done under pressure in a WOD; I’d like 115kg as a new 2RM but that is a longer term, year long goal.


I think it should be reflected upon too that even though I am that enthusiastic, motivating coach in front of the outstanding athletes in CF Watford, I didn’t find this easy. Especially 2 and 4. There were some pretty dark moments where I just kept thinking, “what’s the point?” When those moments came up, I turned to the likes of Mrs Nomad and my coaches (Charlie, Hat, Tash, Roly – you rock) and took their advice and guidance. I repeatedly referred back to my notebook to see just how far I’d come along the trail. I should note too that while Strength was my goal, my MetCon scores have rapidly and steeply improved too, across shorter power workouts and the longer endurance ones too.

So, what lessons have I learned in 2017?

  1. Surround yourself with Talent. I’ve made it a point to learn from success in every aspect of my life this (last) year. This has hopefully paid off in my professional life (find out in March) but it definitely paid off in CrossFit. Watching the higher levels athletes in our box, learned from those with injuries, chatting to everyone about their motivations…it’s all benefited me immensely and I have to thank them all. I’m sure it’s been infuriating having to put up with some of my inane WhatsApp messages but thank you all.
  2. Recovery. I’m getting (a little) older and am definitely not the 18 year old that could play a rugby match on a Saturday, get smashed in the evening, and do a 5 mile run on the Sunday. Alcohol definitely affects me more than it ever has although I’m not much of a drinker anyway. I also need the odd day off 😉 While I’ve trained twice a day for 3 days a week for quite a bit of this period, and have seen immense changes, I have also taken weekends off, by and large. Without intending it, it’s been just the right amount of rest and recovery.
  3. Write Shit Down! I can’t express this enough to athletes. WRITE DOWN YOUR SCORES! I’ve written about this one before but here’s another angle to it: there are days when you don’t feel like you can lift heavy, or run fast, or jump high. It’s so easy to let your body match your mental state. But, if you look at your notebook and see that just the previous week you put in a 115kg Jerk, then you know that you can do it and that you probably will today too. So many times this year, especially at 0600hrs, I could have just knocked 5kg off the bar because I wasn’t feeling it. Each time, I reviewed my previous lifts and set the targets accordingly.
  4. Have a Laugh. You know what? It’s only exercise. Sure, we have goals and we want to succeed. But not every day is a PR day. Not every day needs that steely-eyed focus. Enjoy it for what it is – it’s time with friends doing something you enjoy that isn’t work.


CrossFit Games 16, Adaptation, Weddings, Beyond The Whiteboard

Surround yourself with those who

Challenge You,

Push You,

Motivate You.


In my last post, I was arriving in the USA. Despite it being extremely brief, the trip was thoroughly worthwhile workwise and also saw me heading back over to CrossFit Adaptation in the DC area; I visited there during the same week last year and was looking forward to a return trip. Albeit slightly hungover from a few whiskies with one of my very best friends the night before, I turned up at 0630 ready to throw down. Having forgotten my training shoes, I borrowed some Merrel Barefoot shoes and just prayed there would be no running or double unders.

4 Rounds for Time:

  • 800m Run
  • 20 Push Ups
  • 30m Walking Lunge
  • 75 Double Unders

Time: 26:26 Rx

So. Calf DOMS for the rest of the week and weekend then! It was the fastest time of the morning, at least. That was Thursday morning. Thanks to CF Adaptation for allowing me to join in the fun.

On Friday, after 2 hours sleep on the plane the night before and an hour during the afternoon, I trudged over to CF Watford for:


5 x 5 Hip Thrusts, As Heavy As Possible

70 / 80 / 90 / 100 / 120kg

This is an accessory exercise to increase strength and power from the hips, the driving force behind the olympic lifts. Sit on floor with shoulders up on weight bench behind you and barbell on you lap in front of you. Push up on to your shoulders in to a ‘bridge’ position, hips as high as possible and barbell supported across it. A bit weird, never tried this before. To be fair, I could have gone heavier than this perhaps by another 20kg.

Link: Barbell Hip Thrusts @


15 min AMRAP

  • 5 x Power Clean @ 60kg
  • 20 x Sit Ups
  • 200m Run

Total: 8 Rounds + 25 Reps (+150 Run).

I actually thought I’d scored only 7 rounds + but when others were putting their scores up, I figured I must have been wrong. I flew through this completely unbroken throughout.


A GREAT wedding in Christchurch, this weekend. My cousin married a really great bloke, most of the family were there, our daughters were bridesmaids / flower girls and the sun stayed out for the whole day. Alcohol flowed, food seemingly never ended and the time disappeared in an explosion of laughter, dancing and pick-n-mix sweets. A wonderful day, it has to be said.

CrossFit Games 2016

Sneaking (not very subtle) views of CrossFit Games 2016 throughout the whole week, I have been as inspired by it this year as I was last year, despite the bullshit Glock-prize controversy. Watching the individuals and teams battle it out over a genuine test of overall fitness (capacity to do as many different things as possible and do them well) was brilliant. Congratulations to Katrin Davidsdottir and to Mat Fraser for genuinely outstanding performances. As a father to girls, I was more interested in the women’s competition, taking away a lot of tips for general ‘girl coaching’.

Monday Morning Rowing

Trying to beat my poor Rowing Sprint time, I got back in the gym this morning focused and ready to win. However, I left seeing my Beyond The Whiteboard score still languishing in a very poor state. Entirely as a result of the ‘sprint’ category, I am unable to breach the 70th percentile and so it really is extremely relevant if I am to get above the 75th line.

100m Sprint: 16.9 secs

250m Sprint: 44.2 secs

My technique was significantly improved over 2 weeks ago and I have to assume that my inability to get below 16.9 really is down to my fitness. Getting below 44.2 for the 250m will be easier, especially if I repeat this later in the day with more glycogen in the system vice before breakfast. I hit a wall at 200m on 2 attempts and really slowed down.

Evening Session @ CF Watford


3 x 5 Push Press (increasing to 90% of 1RM)

60 / 70 / 80kg

My 1RM was around about 85kg before, I think it’s a little more now seeing as I punched out 80kg with relatively little difficulty. That said, I could feel my left arm wasn’t quite stretched off properly and so didn’t push it. Still, happy to my pushing bodyweight multiple times overhead.

MetCon – Gymnastics / Anaerobic / Lightweight

21-15-9 For Time:

  • Wall Balls @ 9kg to 10′
  • Burpee Over Box Jumps @24″
  • 400m Run

Time: 11:54 Rx

Coming in second this evening, Shane pulled an absolute blinder to maintain a blistering pace! Nicely done, buddy! I set a target of 12 mins and to maintain everything completely unbroken. I achieved both although my calves are still sore from last week and slowed me down only a little on the running. All Burpee Box Jump Overs were Rx, leaping from the floor direct to the box. They were a bit slow though and I really could have scraped a few extra seconds on those. Like the quote says at the beginning, I love surrounding myself with people who challenge, push and motivate me. CF Watford delivers with bells on.



A wonderful weekend watching our Action Princesses conduct their duties at the wedding left me in and Mrs Nomad in a great mindset this weekend. If ever you want your kids to behave and be at their best, it’s a wedding (or a funeral) and they pulled it out of the bag to a new high. Thanks girls!!

Nothing is perfect though and I’ll admit to being a little annoyed with myself over body composition at the moment. With summer holidays coming up, I had wanted to look better than ever – yes, it’s vain but I’m just being honest. However, I seem to have returned to my ‘bloated action man’ look – you know there’s definition there somewhere, you just have to squint 😀 😀 It’s my own fault though and this week will see a return to the Warrior Monk lifestyle here in Watford. Annoyingly, I eat well, I know I do. I’m not getting something right though at the minute. (Don’t take my comments about the wedding alcohol / food as typical. It really is rare!)

Also, Beyond The Whiteboard suddenly dropped me down to 63! From a high of 73 last year, I am falling down the charts. Sure, people are getting fitter but so am I (I’m also getting older!). It’s the SPEED category that is dragging me down, specifically 100m / 250m and 500m Rowing; therefore, I’ve put out a message for a coach to assist with my technique. I dragged it back to 66 this morning with the rowing work but if I’m to get over the 70th line then it’s the speed work that needs significant improvement right now. If you know of anyone, please let me know and I’ll gladly repay through only reviews of you and your recommended coach. Cheers!


29 Feb 16 – CrossFit Open WOD 16.1

That’s the first one done!

Officially completing this after the run through last week, not only did I prove that I was right to challenge my score on Friday but I beat it too!

Instead of 6.45AM, it was 4PM.
Instead of empty belly,  I was fuelled.

I only beat it by 8, mind you.

Total Reps: 182 (7 total rounds).

It was so much harder second time through.  The burpees kicked my Arse,  definitely a weakness and area for improvement. I went for a wider grip in the overhead, aiding balance considerably and allowing completely unbroken walking overhead lunges. Instead of overhand, I switched to underhand for the chest to bars too, even managing a few less breaks.

Now, on to an Achilles injection to strip the paratendon from the core……nice. let’s hope there are no double unders in 16.2!!

08 Oct 15 Part 1 – Catch Up, including the Primal Games 11 and a new goal.

Hello there, my massive readership of 1, how are you all in blogoland today? All well? Lots of achievement, I do hope.

You’ll see from my last post (I say that but the stats show only 1 person read it, thank you Mrs Nomad!) that I have finally achieved my Beyond The Whiteboard goalf of hitting the 75% percentile. That places me in to the top 25% of CrossFitters worldwide, on average. I always knew the score would come and so was obviously prepared to take it further with a new set of goals. Well, that’s not strictly true in this case. The score kind of sprung out at me without me expecting it due to the way the programming at CF Plymouth works. It wasn’t until Test Week that I was able to post recognisable scores that lept me up the ladder. Still, here I am and although it took a momentary dip to 74 the very next day, I am back up to 75 and appear to be holding. We shall see.

So what next? Well, this was a 10-15% gain over 2 years. It’s now that I have to manage my expectations. Simply put, I’m not going to make another 15% gain; it’s just not going to happen. I’d be in the league of the very top in CF Plymouth and other friends of mine who spend an extreme amount of time specifically training and competing. Having said that, I don’t want to just rest on my laurels either. I do want to improve and want to see that number creep up again; it is a really good feeling, after all. Therefore, I would like to see a 2% increase by the time I leave CF Plymouth, in mid-16 (moving on to pastures new, courtesy of the British Military system). I do think it is achievable, especially if I continue to make the strength gains that I have this year. a 2% shift will solidify my 75% across the board and, with increasing age, I’ll be very happy.

So that’s my target: 77% Percentile by June 16.

Since the glory moment last week, we had the Primal Games 11. Once more, the Masters Dream Team convened and, after some rehearsal of various team-based movements (Synchro Squats with a PVC Pipe, changeovers between movements, etc) we felt we were ready to press on from our 4th place finish last time.

The first WOD was “Grace Race“. 2:30 each of Max Effort Ground to Overhead with 60kg. Knowing my pretty poor Grace score (4:17), I didn’t hold out much hope for this one. I watched the RX team members complete more than 30 reps in under the 2:30 and was feeling pretty sheepish going in to it. I was expecting a maximum of about 18 reps. So…..when I got past 20, I was feeling deliriously happy. I achieved 25 Reps in all and was gutted that there was only 2:30 on the clock to do it. I know full well that I could have had a sub 3min Grace!!!!! How amazing would that have been! The next time that Grace comes up, I am going all out for it. So happy that I was so close. After the first WOD, we were 2nd of 7!

WOD 2 consisted of an 8min AMRAP of Synchro Squats, Pull Ups and Over Partner Burpees. We had rehearsed the changeovers and movements really well and flew around the course, gaining maximum points and pushing ourselves in to 1st overall. It was a true team effort and we gave it our all…..

….because we knew that WOD 3 was going to make us suffer.

WOD 3: heavy lifting. 1RM Snatch and 1RM Clean & Jerk. Having completed a 1RM C&J of 102.5kg the previous week, I was feeling happy about this one but the Snatch was going to make me sad. Well, we warmed up well and because we went it with only 3 attempts in total, I opened at 70kg. Smash! no problem! With the crowd in front of me, I achieved that one no dramas at all. Feeling confident, I went for 75kg for my second lift. No problem again!! That’s my 1RM and I rarely manage to get that high. So, really gunning for a PR, I put 77.5 on the bar and threw it up. I got under it in the full depth catch. And I couldn’t get out of the hole. Arse. So close to a new PR that would have hugely lifted the spirits. Still, I was happy.

Straight in to the Clean & Jerk. As per the rule, the men had only 30 secs to complete the lift while the Masters Women had a full minute. Where I was second, I didn’t get my weights on the bar quick enough and scored a no-rep, at only 90kg, on my first attempt. I ran out of time and was FUMING. Second attempt – 95kg. Done. Easy. So, what to do? Do I now go for 105kg and attempt a new 1RM or stick with 102.5kg with the confidence that I’ve done it before. I feel I took the best decision and went for 102.5kg in order to secure the best outcome for the team. I threw it up, caught it and jerked it squarely, no with ease, but with spare capacity. The other two achieved 1RMs in both the Snatch and C&J, really inspiring me given that they are quite a bit older than me. Between us, we didn’t do badly and held on to 2nd, going in to the 4th and final WOD.

Unlike the last Primal Games that saw us in a final of reduced teams, every team had a 4th WOD this time. However, this one proved tricky.

WOD 4: A 14min AMRAP of 75 Hang Power Snatches (50kg), 75 x Toes to Bar, 75 x Thrusters (50kg), 75 x Kettlebell Swings (32kg) and as many rope climbs as possible to finish. Between us (reduced weight for females), we had to complete 75 of each of the movements. We knew from the rehearsal that my team mate couldn’t really do HPS at 50kg and that this was going to require me to take the reins a bit; he would then smash out the majority of the Toes to Bar. I knew, however, that I also couldn’t really do 50kg HP Snatches but that we would have to just give it our best shot. Just prior to starting, the rules changed slightly to reflect that should teams wish to scale then they could but that they would go down a category and couldn’t therefore win. Well, we were in 2nd place and there was no option but to carry on. Given that all other teams bar 1 scaled, we knew that really we only had to pick up the bar once to come 2nd. But of course, we are better than that.

The bell went and I very quickly pushed out 10 x very clean Hang Power Snatches, quite to my surprise. This was followed by 3 singles between the others before I threw up a 7, all unbroken! Well that was that, I immediately told myself that it was sets of 5 or nothing. The other two kept the scoreboard ticking over with singles, to give me a little break but for the remaining time I hit sets of 5. In total, I believe I must have scored 55-60 of the 75 and although I was tired, I was over the moon. My team mate, true to form, then racked up 30 straight Toes to Bar and I put in sets of 15. This gave me enough of a breather to get ready for the Thursters. This time, it was sets of 10 and 5 again. However, our efforts on the Hang Power Snatch had slowed us down considerably and we managed to complete the Thrusters….just….before the 14min timer rang out and it was game over.

As we had predicted, we sat 2nd on the Podium and were absolutely delighted. It’s been a long time since I won (podium’d) at any kind of sporting endeavour and this felt amazing. Sure, it’s CrossFit and it’s a local event and we’re Masters. But you know what? I don’t care. We felt amazing.

To have my family there made it all the better too. Seeing them cheer me on and keep encouraging me through some really horrible fatigue really helped and I just hope I made them even a little bit proud. My true goal in CrossFit is to inspire my family and to be fit enough at 50-60 to be able to kick balls around with my adult kids and their kids. So far, it’s looking good.

CrossFit en vacances. CrossFit on holidays (in France)


I really wish I had posted at the end of Sunday 02 Aug. It was the Primal Games competition at CF Plymouth and I formed the third part of a Masters team. Yes, at 35 I am considered in the Masters category for CrossFit. Accompanying Fe and Ian, we took our place among 11 teams and really had no aspiration of achieving anything other than having a lot of fun. Surrounded by hundreds of spectators and competitors (there was a ‘beginner’ comp going on too), we fought our way in to 8th in the first WOD. A strength workout, we had 12 mins to achieve an aggregate maximum for a best-effort of 3 x Deadlift, 1 x Hang Power Clean and 3 x Thruster. I set myself a new Hang Power Clean and Thruster record of 90kg although only recorded an 85kg as ran out of time for the final Thruster; I know I would have made it though. Going in to the second WOD, a 15min AMRepAP of rowing, Pull ups, weighted lunges and hang power snatches, Mrs Nomad and my supporting team of awesomeness arrived to cheer me on. What a huge boost that gave me. So much so, in fact, that we somehow came in 3rd! This put us 4th overall in to the 3rd WOD. The 3rd workout began and ended with 15 x synchro burpees but the middle was populated by hundreds of KB Swings, deadlifts, box jumps and toes to bar (I can’t remember exactly how many without going back to look it up). We dominated our heat quite comprehensively, coming 3rd once more in the WOD overall. This cemented our 4th position and meant a place in the final!!

The final was not really in our game plan and we just laughed. Looking at the other Masters teams in the final, we knew we were just making up the numbers this time. However, this didn’t stop us giving our all through 250m Sprints, KB Thrusters, 250m Rowing, Plate Ground to Overhead, Farmer’s Walks and Overhead Plate Lunge Walking. When we crossed the line last we received the biggest cheers in true CrossFit fashion. We really had given our all. It was my first competition in a very long time and I felt all the old feelings from my days of competing in athletics some 17 or so years ago. Amazing.

To have had Mrs Nomad and the mini-cheerleaders there too was something special and they deserve a big shout out for spending the whole day in the company of CrossFitters!

Since then, you’d be forgiven for thinking that I’d done nothing else considering how I’ve not blogged it. It’s not so, however, as you well know. I’ve had an exceptionally busy end of term at work and have just run out of time. I have coached every Mon/Wed/Thurs mornining, as well as Friday evenings too. I’ve taken part in all of those sessions and recorded them all on Beyond The Whiteboard where I currently have a score of 71 out of 100 (steadily up from 66/67 this time last year).

We are now in France for a bit. For those who remember from last year (anyone actually read this?), there is a rock here, called “Rock”. Apparently, it is granite. With it’s quite regular dimensions, it would have a mass of around 70kg but I am not convinced. I think it is closer to 60kg and therefore perhaps granite. Regardless, it is fucking heavy and unwieldy. It is perfect for ‘off season’ training while out here. There are also piles of bricks, logs and the ever-present bodyweight routines to keep me occupied.

Wed 12 Aug

Settled in France, I reacquainted myself with ‘Rock’.


7 x Handstand Push Up (Strict)
10 x Sumo Deadlift with Rock (+60kg)
20 x Sit Up
400m Run

Time: 17:56

Next time, I should work 10 x strict HSPU as they were a bit too easy. The sumo deadlifts were tough more because of the unwieldy burden of the object than the weight but that was certainly taxing. The sit ups were unbroken and the run was exactly 400m.

Thurs 13 Aug

For Time:

100 x Push Up
100 x Sit Up
100 x Squat (Air)
100 x Lunge

Time: 17:08

I really should have warmed up for this. The push ups were far more trouble than they should have been and slowed me right down. Everything else was pretty routine.

Fri 14 Aug

See the picture at the top. The barbell was made of a scaffolding pole with some red-brick structures on the end. It totalled no more than 30kg tops. The wooden pile is about 10-15kg and Rock is….well, Rock. The paddock it all sits in is 20m long.

3 RFT:

20 x Strict Barbell Press
40m Boulder Carry with Rock
40m Walking Lunges with Wooden Pile

Time: 11:40

A tough little WOD, the rough nature of the paddock really presented an ‘unknown’ challenge for this one and meant I was slower but therefore had to carry the items for longer.

The only other aspect that I’ve not covered is nutrition. I’ll just say this: I’m on holiday, it’s the off season and I’m recovering.

So, this is me catching up and not leaving it so long next time!!