Open 17.3, Goals; Now to have Fun.

I’m sat in Starbucks, just off Petty France in London. I’ve a meeting a few streets away and there’s 30mins to kill. This weekend, post-Open WOD 17.3, has been a funny one, mentally. Approaching the Open,I set myself the goal of hitting the top 25% of Individual Men globally in the Open. Historically, I’ve taken my placing as a percentage of all who have completed at least 1 WOD. This has become more complicated in recent years, with the incorporation of the Scaled division. It further complicates with people perhaps missing 17.1 but then submitting a single rep on 17.2 (loads of these and I don’t understand it).

I therefore have begun to take these with a punch of salt and look to Beyondthewhiteboard instead where I compare against RX in each WOD and then average it over the 5 WODs.

Well, on the first method, I am sitting in the top 19%. Sounds good, right?!

On the second method, I am not even in top 33%.

Therefore, which one is correct? It matters to me because I am goal-orientsted and see my performance in this competition as an indicator of my credibility as a CrossFit athlete and coach to others. I appreciate that credibility comes from ability to coach, specifically, but in this environment how can I ask others to perform to their potential if I am not demonstrating the same?

So, unless WODs 17.4 and 17.5 are long, lightweight chippers with loads of gymnastic skills then it’s likely that I will slump lower. This highlights the work I have to do on strength training, which is a worrying  and separate issue.

What next then?

Well, the pressure is off. It’s time to have fun. Sure, I’ll dig in and give it everything but I’m not going to get frustrated to see others push past me. Indeed, I’ll revel in their success and will enjoy the atmosphere in the box a lot more. I suspect there’ll be more fist bumps and High 5s but what you gonna do?  😉


  • Box Squats 4×4
  • Superset Bent over Row 4×8


Not as high as I would like but strong form. 


2 Rounds of:

8 min window 

800m Run plus,

AMRAP (in remaining time)

  • 8 x Power Clean @ 42.5kg
  • 8 x Shoulder to Overhead
  • 8 x Bar over Burpees

Round 1: 3 + 4 

Round 2: 3 + 3

I’m very happy with this, especially as it turned out to be the top score of the day. Power Cleans and Shoulders to Overhead were all unbroken and done together.


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