Strong Women and “So THAT’s where the Energy went”

She is clothed in STRENGTH and DIGNITY

and she LAUGHS without Fear of the Future.


I just want to give a big-up to all strong women everywhere. I don’t just mean the obvious physical strength aspect. I mean the mental toughness that most women have that most men can only dream of. From my grandmother at the head of the family, to my courageous mother, my incredible wife and my warrior princess daughters; to my sisters, cousins, aunts and great-aunts; I am surrounded by strong, incredible women. Independent, strong, intelligent, imaginative, fun, amazing, beautiful women. Thank you for all that you do, all that you are and all the you will become.



For those who read yesterday’s post and have signed in for a 2-in-a-row streak, you’ll know that I was upset at myself for not having been able to motivate a small group early in the morning. As I acknowledged at the time to myself, some days it just ain’t there, no matter what you try. That said, there were lessons I took away and will look to rectify.

And then there are days like today 😀

6am session and 14 people show up! This is my first early morning session with a full house and, given the WOD, I was really nervous about it. While it was was not a particularly high-skill event, it was a long one and I was focused on keeping it to time as I have to back in the office for 0800. But, not only did 14 people jog through the doors, there was considerable energy in the room too. Lots of banter for that time of day, bags of questions and bucket loads of determination to succeed. Some days, it is there and it just works. Probably best not to analyse it but to accept it and embrace it!

Which is what they did. Fair play, well done to the Dawn Patrol, it was a genuine pleasure to coach.

Because of numbers and length of the MetCon, we had to speed through the strength element a little faster than I would normally do it, and get stuck in. Also, with some relative newcomers and maximum attendance, I wasn’t able to workout and so did it tonight instead.


  • 3 x 5 Split / Push Jerk @ 65/75/85% 1RM

60 / 70 / 80kg – nothing too much to worry about here. I was cleaning each set as the racks were taken. Not the heaviest I can lift but then I’m not going to get any stronger during the Open so am not overly fussed at this point.


8 Rounds of:

2 mins On / 2 mins Off

  • Row (Cals) 25
  • Max Effort Double Unders

Score = Double Unders = 298

Each row took approx 65-70 seconds, hovering around the 1350-1400 Cals per Hour mark. I was extremely pleased at maintaining this pace each time. The Double Unders weren’t quite so great. The first was a grand 60 but the others were all sub-40 with 1 set being sub 30! This brought me under the 300 total that I’d aimed for but it actually turned out to be a pretty good score, all told.


  • Breakfast: 60g Spelt Wheat / Oats, 200ml Protein Milk (Sainsbury’s), 25g MyProtein Choc Peanut Butter – I left this overnight in the fridge and ate cold this morning; delicious!
  • Lunch: 240g Sweet Potato, 60g Protein Cheese, 100g Chicken BreastSnack/pre-WOD: 80g Chicken Breast, 60g Banana
  • Post-WOD: 25g Whey Protein + 200ml Protein Milk
  • Dinner: Sainsbury’s My Goodness Thai Sweet Chilli Chicken with Rice + 50g Brie
  • Drink: Sainsbury’s Hot Chocolate


  • Carbs: 180g – approx 1g per lb bodyweight – Happy.
  • Protein: 182g – approx 1g per lb bodyweight (for growth) – Happy
  • Fats: 73g – not bad, was aiming for 70.



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