CrossFit Open 17.2, and the ReShow

Get Up.

Try Again.


So, I never let you guys in to the state of my mind after 17.1.

It wasn’t pretty.

I intentionally did not blog. Food poisoning conspired to scupper my attempt at 17.1, reducing me to fighting for everything I had just to get inside the 20 mins time cap – which I did with 17 seconds to spare! Now, while I did manage it, and food poisoning was the cause of my weakness, I did my typical mental weakness thing and start feeling sorry for myself. I played the whole, “woe is me” shit, complaining, whinging, moping about as if suddenly I’d lost my shot at the Games. It was pathetic! 😀 😀

Sure, I’ve got my goal for this year (top 25%) but I lost my shit at having been reduced to 57th percentile (BeyondtheWhiteboad, not Games Leaderboard) after just one WOD. Dick. Mental state: Weak. Time to move up a gear in this regard, I think, and have some freakin’ perspective, and some goddamn fun!

So anyway, 17.2 and no such illness. Also a GREAT WOD for me!

12 min AMRAP

2 Rounds of:

  • 50′ Lunge walk with 2 x 22kg dumbbells
  • 16 x Toes To Bar
  • 8 x Dumbbell Power Cleans

2 Rounds of:

  • 50′ Lunge walk with 2 x 22kg dumbbells
  • 16 x Bar Muscle Ups
  • 8 x Dumbbell Power Cleans

Repeat until end of Time Cap

At 0700 on Friday morning (03 Mar), I completed 114 reps of this. That’s 2 Muscle Ups in to the second round of Muscle Ups!! For a very short period of time, I was 10th on the Beyond The Whiteboard leaderboard!! Sure, my positioning came tumbling down over the weekend but I was over the moon to have hit that second round of MUs.

Now, right from the outset, I knew I’d be repeating this one. I knew I’d had no breakfast and would likely get the lunges a bit wrong. Interestingly, I hadn’t expected to hit all Toes To Bar unbroken, which I did, and that was a huge positive. I used the wrong bar for the MUs (yes, I have a favourite bar 😉 ) although I switched to it late and was MUCH better when I did.

And so, tonight, I repeated it.

And I got.

120 Reps!

That’s 6 more and a SIGNIFICANTLY faster tie-break time. I hit the last round of power cleans at 8:30, took 1 min to do the lunges, leaving me 1.5 mins to get out those 6 Muscle Ups….and boy, did I need it! On Friday, I hit the last set of Muscle Ups with just 10 secs to spare. This is a top 19% score on Beyond The Whiteboard and I’ll find out tomorrow how high it is in the Games, both for individuals and for Masters (35-39).

Thanks for everyone that stayed on to cheer us on, it made all the difference.

What a Box.



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