CrossFit Open 17.1 Thoughts



I awoke in strange surrounds this morning, on a firm and comfortable, low rise double bed in a hotel room in Bavaria, Germany. Having flown out yesterday, arriving late last night, it wasn’t until I was getting my head down to the sound of local village church bells that I remembered the impending 17.1 announcement! 

Yes, the CrossFit Open is here again and with it the accelerated heart rate, racing thoughts and excitement of a new competition and chance to take part in the world’s largest test of Fitness. Cue an hour of no sleep as I tried to think of what might come up. 

As I reached my phone  on waking, I was greeted by the flashing blue Messenger light and a note from Mrs Nomad reading, “Hope you slept well,  am pleased the first open workout won’t need any practise of skill for you as straight forward xx”. I opened the YouTube machine, saw Dave Castro’s gurning grin,  and there it was:

CrossFit Open 17.1

For Time:

  • 10 x Dumbbell Snatches (alternating arm)
  • 15 x Burpee Box Jumps
  • 20 x DB Snatch
  • 15 x BBJ
  • 30 x DB Snatch 
  • 15 x BBJ 
  • 40 x DB Snatch 
  • 15 x BBJ
  • 50 x DB Snatch
  • 15 x BBJ

Time Cap: 20 mins

Awesome!!! 75 Burpee Box Jumps and 150 DB Snatches is a total of 225 reps.

While I cannot compete today due to travel, and will take part with the Monday day crew, here are my thoughts:

Achievability. With an average pacing of 5 secs per movement, this will be completed in the time cap. Instantly, there is significant confidence there as I typically average 3-4 secs per movement over a long WOD. I am therefore aiming for sub-15 mins.

Pacing. Pacing is therefore absolutely critical. I will keep the clock in my eyeline and aim for 75-80secs for the first round, and to hit the end of the second round by 3.5 mins. Thereafter, I should be in to a rhythm and will not have gone off too quickly.

Movements. There are some efficiencies to be had in this. 

  • Step up out of the burpee to save your legs and breathing.
  • Crouch low to the box and do not stand up straight. It saves time and energy.
  • Turn in midair to face the box on your return and hit the floor immediately. Do not waste time turning and stumbling around.
  • Keep your chest above your hips in the DB pick up. It will keep the diaphragm open, allowing you to breathe and will save your lower back from fatigue and damage.
  • Change hands in mid-air. Leaving it until you put it on the floor wastes time.

Remember, even a 0.2 secs saving on each rep is a 45 secs saving overall!! This is massive and a result of simple efficiency rather than a measure of your fitness. Such a time jump will launch you up the leaderboard.

Good luck!!



  1. I also aimed for sub 15… was disappointed with 16.46 as my small rests accumulated and impacted my time more than I would have liked. I should have gone out harder as the dumbbell was light for me but I maintained a steady pace. The burpee box jump overs were a big psychological hurdle for me today because of my knee injury but after the first round I knew I’d be I’d but lack of box jumps lately hurt me in this workout! If I do it again. Which I’m tempted. I’d speed my burpee box jumps up and reduce my rests! Just keep moving! Just keep moving! Other than that … I loved my first ever open workout!! Bring on the next! Or bring 17.1 on again.


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