I’m Sorry if you don’t like my Honesty.

To be fair, I don’t like your…miscounting.


Trump Fact

I left the gym yesterday morning feeling pretty pleased with my workout. After a chipper containing heavy power cleans, muscle ups, lots of wall balls, double unders, push ups and running, I was content with my performance. Sure, I need to work on barbell cycling (recurring theme), and I should tidy up Muscle Ups before the Open (easily done) but overall, it was a steady and strong performance. There were also only 3 of us who managed it Rx.

But when we see scores on the board that are obviously too quick then we know one of two things:

  • The athlete scaled too much.
  • The athlete ‘can’t count’.

To address the first, there are correct times and places to scale, of course there are. You cannot and should not be conducting high intensity movements until you have Mechanics and Consistency nailed. Shit bust. No arguments there. However, if you’ve been languishing in your comfort zone, scaling movements or weights, because it gets you a faster time on the board then you are not progressing and we need to re-evaluate you. We are there to push ourselves and develop, not race to top the whiteboard. “Leave the Ego at the Door” – sound familiar?

To address the second, we have all been there: you’re halfway through a WOD, you zone out for a microsecond and then recover, thinking, “ah, crap, what number was I on??”. Typically, you make a decent guess and end up 2 or 3 above or below what you were aiming for. A good coach will laugh about it with you because we have all been there. But 20 is not a mistake. 20 is a calculation where you have decided to ‘miscount’. A good coach will not laugh about this with you. For the person next to you who was aiming to beat you today, you have denied them that right. They will either decide to cheat next time because it is ‘normalised’ and seen as acceptable, or a schism will develop in your box and negativity towards those ‘miscounters’ will occur; this is inevitable in a competitive, community-based, developmental fitness programme such as CrossFit.

Luckily, the Open is coming up. Each athlete will have a judge focused on them at all times; miscounts won’t occur because counting is taken out of the athlete’s hands for the duration of the WOD.

So you could say I was a little upset to see my score as the slowest on a long list yesterday; but, I wasn’t upset at my score because I know it was honest, true and that I have developed incredibly within this box over the last year. I was upset, and I see it as a failing on my part, that a very small minority appear to believe that repeated miscounting is acceptable. As a coach, I have failed to engage those particular athletes correctly and I will readjust my techniques accordingly. I will learn from this. šŸ˜‰

And with that, today’s workout!

CrossFit WatFord AM Session

I was coaching today but with a new assistant coach in, and a small class of experienced warriors, it was a chance for me to do the WOD too.

16 min AMRAP

  • 10 x Pull Ups
  • 20 x Pistols
  • 30 x Burpees
  • 40 x Sit Ups
  • 50 x Squats

Total: 2 rounds plus 45 reps

3 rounds of Pull Ups, unbroken. 3 rounds of Pistols, steady, a bit staccato but happy with where I’ve come with these in the last few weeks. Burpees, well paced and very consistent šŸ™‚ Sit Ups, all unbroken. Air Squats, only broken once in the first round to nudge someone else in to getting decent depth in theirs. In the second round, I stopped very briefly at 40 in order to slow down and rest slightly before taking on the Pistols again. This was intentional and I’m happy with then getting through the 3rd round of Pistols.

Snatch Accessory PM Session

20 min EMOM

3 x Snatch Hi Pulls

  • 5 sets of 50
  • 5 sets of 60
  • 5 sets of 65
  • 3 sets of 70
  • 2 set of 72.5kg

If nothing else, I’m far more comfortable on the bar than I have been in a very long time. There is nothing wrong with 3 reps at 72.5kg at all, getting the bar almost to chin height each time.


Due to a ‘working lunch’ yesterday, a lot of “biege” was consumed (1/4 sandwiches, half wraps, vol au vents, etc). However, today it is back on track. I do have to increase my protein intake and reduce fat, so I’ll be amending my shopping soon:

  • Pre-WOD: 15g Mixed Nuts
  • Breakfast: 35g Porridge Oats, 200ml Whole Milk, 25g Whey Protein, 1 Raw Egg
  • Snack: 15g Mixed Nuts
  • Lunch: 100g Tuna, 3 Scrambled Eggs, 100ml Whole Milk, lots of Leaves
  • Snack: 15g Mixed Nuts
  • Dinner: 300g homemade Beef Chilli, lots of Leaves, Veg.
  • Post-WOD: 25g Whey Protein, 200ml Whole Milk

I’ll be reducing to semi-skimmed milk for a while in order to bring fat content down a little. I need to find a better, natural higher protein snack instead of nuts too. Suggestions?



  1. Like the blog. I would say miscounting a few is inevitable but the earlier scores do give a benchmark for the later classes to catch and beat! (Accidentally clicked wrong choice in question above) I went through all of the reps unbroken except the sit ups i split in to 20’s… abs have never been a strong point. But I was also shocked at some of the scores today! It also helps to have an engine next to you when working out. I was grateful for Shane pushing me all the way! It’s my air squats and scaled pistols (because of ACL injury to my right knee. Pistols on my left Alex are fine) where I pulled away .
    Turning to your nutrition…. I would increase your carb intake during the day and particularly pre and post WOD to help with your recovery. Particularly as you start so early in the mornings… and with regards to a natural protein, give quark a go with some honey and maybe some blueberries… it’s a dairy (cheese) but tastes like a natural yoghurt. I would therefore reduce the dairy content elsewhere in your diet such as replacing the milk with water in your shake.
    Happy to go through my diet next time I see you. My carbohydrate intake is far higher and dairy intake far lower. Natural fats are high but find the change to higher carbs has given me not only more power in my lifts but more durability throughout the wods.


  2. Regular ‘miscounting’ really gets my back up! Like you say, we’ve all been there – when we’re in the midst of a wod with lots of high reps and we blank where we are – genuine mistakes. But when you know someone is purposely rep shaving and they do it on a regular basis….it’s hard to take. I wish I had the courage to call them out on it (in a friendly, banter kind of way) but I always think I’ll come across as a ‘sore loser’ so I keep quiet. I just don’t understand the reasoning – especially in a benchmark wod where you’ll have to cheat again to try and match or better the score. Why?!

    I’m in no position whatsoever to advise on nutrition but I must say I was quite shocked about your low carb consumption considering how much exercise you do. I know a lot of crossfitters are fans of high fat/protein diets but it just doesn’t work for me at all – I’m a carb machine! I’ve noticed a big difference in my performance in early morning wods by having a small amount to eat – something like a homemade peanut butter oat bite with my coffee. Easy enough on the stomach for a high intensity wod but gives me that boost I was lacking when doing it fasted. I know everyone’s different though and I’ve no doubt you’re a lot more ‘clued up’ than me when it comes to nutrition.


    • Tiny,
      Thanks for stopping by. Yep, miscounting winds me up, quite obviously. I’ve been called on it before but can honestly say that I’ve never done it intentionally and have then made up for it at the end.
      On the nutrition, I measure all mine quite carefully with MyFitnessPal. I aim for about 180g Carbs, 180g Protein and 90g Fats, on average. This is emough for stength/performance development but I certainly don’t have a 6-pack (very long way from that) and know I must have got it wrong in the past. I do eat a little before morning WODs always. Typically, I’ll put some Oats in milk the night before and drink that on the way to a morning session, finishing off the rest with some protein afterwards. A lot of my carbs come from lots of greenery, nuts and milk. Weekends typically see me ruin it but I’m not exactly a competitive athlete so try to enjoy my time at home.
      I genuinely thank you for replying on this, I don’t get much engagement on my blog and so really appreciate anyone who drops by.

      Liked by 1 person

    • MrsB,
      Thanks for stopping by. We are lucky, we very rarely see it. We have a genuinely superb box but there’re always just one or two and I think it’s to be expected. That said, as a coach I take my responsibility seriously in developing athletes across all aspects of CF, including the community side of it.
      Thank you so much for dropping in, I hope to chat again soon. šŸ˜€


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