Your kids have to be useful for something…as free weights! (and, the Bean Game)

Just a quick one today as I’m out and about other places. I am unable to train today and so did a workout with the children yesterday instead of resting.  Whenever I get home and ask our 3 what they would like to do with daddy, the first answer is ALWAYS, “Exercises!” For whatever reason, my passion for fitness is rubbing off on them and they love taking part in whatever workout I have planned as well as then showing off their own awesome physical gymnastic attributes. Our eldest is 7 1/2, while the twins are almost 5 – all girls – all action princesses.

And who am I to disappoint them 😉

So, for a warm up, the Bean Game.

Over 5 mins, call out from a range of ‘Beans’:

  • Runner – Run around the room.
  • Jumping – Two-footed jumping around the room.
  • Broad – Jump in to a wide arm, wide legged stance.
  • String – Stand straight and tall, arms straight up above you.
  • Kidney –  Like String but then bend over to the left and right.
  • Jelly – Start shaking and wobbling like a plate of jelly.
  • Baked – Curl up on the floor in a ball.
  • Beans on Toast – Lay flat on the floor with arms stretched out wide.
  • French (Stop and cry out, “ooh, la la!”)

You can see that with a little imagination you can have your family (and you, because you HAVE to join in) doing burpees, running, stretches, jumping, star jumps….it’s brilliant!

Then we had a little race that they like to do around the house, for time. 7 x 10 sec sprint around a course in the house gets them going!

And on to the “workout”:

5 x For Good Form

  • 5 x Push Ups
  • 5 x Squats
  • 5 x Sit Ups
  • 5 x Lunges

We went through the first 2 rounds as a warm up, practicing the movements – obviously, they’re squatting is much better than mine although I’m happy to say that I’m pretty close these days! For the final 3 rounds, I used 1 child as a weight for each movement, either on my back or in my arms (including the situps), while the other 2 children completed 2 more rounds each. The twins were testing enough at about 16kg while the eldest’s 26kg was a step up!

They all absolutely loved it and we had great fun messing about with exercises; I’m so proud of their enjoyment of it.


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