Monday Mission. More Food, please!!!

Fitness is Mental.

Your Body Won’t Go

Where Your Mind Doesn’t Tell It.


Weekend Update. A lovely weekend in Combe Martin, this weekend. It was fantastic to get out of the stink of the city and in to the beautiful, cool air of the coast. Even though the sun didn’t come out, I managed to get some short, sharp exercise on the farm. Heaving a pile of hay bales from one side of the farm to the other is always a fun game, especially when you do it for time 😉 This was followed by a swift jog in wellies to the end of the farm, dog in tow, to launch an old wooden farm gate over the fence.

Morning Session.

Back in to the CF NWD gym this morning for my Snatch programme.

Snatch High Pull

5 x 5 @ 40kg

5 x 3 @ 55kg

10 x 1: 65 / 70 / 70 / 72.5 / 72.5 / 75 / 75 / 77.5 / 80 / 82.5kg

If I’m to get stronger, I need to be pulling heavy, even though it’s early in the morning. In order to do this, I will keep with the 20min EMOM on the Mondays, 3 Reps Each Minute. On a Wednesday, I’ll do this to work up to heavy singles.

CF Watford Session

Well….it was supposed to be a CF Watford session but there was no room at the inn tonight. Plus, I saw the WOD and realised I could do this from my own place.

For Time:

  • 1 Mile Run – 6 mins 15 secs
  • 2km Row – 7 mins 22 secs

I’ve been needing to do these ones for quite a while actually. Beyond the Whiteboard needed these scores as it pushed my Endurance score to 0 and brought my overall score back down below 70th percentile! I still need to get some speed work in to sort out the score proper; or, I can wait for the Open and seek to use those scores accordingly. Or both.


My profile is now available at MyFitnessPal:

I’m not eating enough carbs; I’m getting enough protein, nearly enough fats, but carbs are low. I need to get shopping for some high-quality vegetable carbs (lots of frozen veg coming up!) and up the dosage of my morning porridge too.

Body Health and Wellness

I foolishly jumped on the ‘Wellness Monitor’ in the foyer of our building today. While BMI is meaningless, my weight I’m not concerned with, and blood pressure was ‘normal’, I was extremely pissed off to see an exceptionally high score on the body fat result. I was so upset, indeed, that I drafted a blog post about it. Luckily, our computer systems had a meltdown and I had time to review it, consequently deleting it instead. Needlesstosay, it was a HUGE number and a MASSIVE shot in the arm for my current return to healthy eating.

If you made it to the end of this, would you mind just clicking this poll to let me know? No details will be recorded, don’t worry.


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