Time between WODs

You can’t get much done in Life

if you only Work on days when you Feel Good.

I completed last night’s WOD at 2030, dribbling sweat in to the floor after a genuinely tough epic. Getting back to my room, I should have had plenty of caseine and whey protein, with a little complex carbs, for recovery overnight. What I actually had was 3 slices of pastrami and a pint of water. So, when I struggled to get to sleep, and then only managed 6 hours, it was my own fault for not heeding my own advice and subsequently suffering in this morning’s WOD, just 10 hrs after I left the box.

Early AM at CF Watford

I was coaching this morning but due to the presence of the shadowing assistant coach, the capability of the athletes, and relative lack of complexity in the movements, I decided to take part too. I also had meetings in London all day and couldn’t guarantee getting back in time for the evening session.


  • 4 x 6 Single Arm Row (Kettlebell)
  • Superset with 30m KB Waiter Carry

24 / 28 / 28 / 28kg Row, 16kg Waiter Carry

Not much to say other than that I could have gone for the 32kg. Not sure why I didn’t.


AMRAP 12, 45kg

  • 10 x Front Rack Lunges
  • 8 x Front Squats
  • 6 x Shoulder to Overhead
  • 4 x Power Clean

Total: 5 Rounds + 18

I didn’t start well, completing the first 2 Rounds with 12 Lunges and 10 Squats!! After realising my mistake, I tried to catch up to my aim of 6 Rounds. However, I simply had very little left in the legs after last night. I also lost it in the head a bit due to it being early morning, cold and having slept poorly. All movements were unbroken but I paused too long between them, when I took pauses. On 4 Rounds,  I completed the squats, STOH and power cleans in 1 but then even longer pauses.

Still, not every day is PR day and this is my 4th session in 3 days and I have another tomorrow morning before the weekend.


Currently, pleased with how this is going.

Pre-AM WOD: 25g Dried Fruit

Post-WOD: 25g Whey Protein with 200ml Whole Milk

Breakfast: 50g Porridge Oats with Whole Milk Lunch: Medium Salad Bowl (carrot, beetroot, peas, onion, pepper, tablespoon of white rice), boiled egg

Dinner: Fajita Chicken & a load of mashed Carrot ‘n’ Parnsip

Bed: 25g Whey Protein with 200ml Whole Milk


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