NomadCelt’s 2017 Goals


New Dawn

Be More Awesome than Last Year

As we say a fare-ye-well and good riddance to 2016, it’s time to think about what we want to achieve in 2017 and why we want to achieve it. New Year’s Resolutions are all well and good; New Year is a chance for a fresh start after a natural pause in life. However, all too often they are ill thought out. Like any goal, you need to be absolutely invested in it and fully understand why you want to achieve it. You then absolutely have to set targets in time as well as have a back-up plan in case life gets in the way and you have to either accelerate or slow-down your plan. Goal Setting is a skill in itself and I’d be extremely happy to help anyone identify, set and achieve their goals in 2017. Just send me a message or drop a comment below.


NomadCelt’s 2017 Health & Fitness Goals

Achieve a top 25% placing in the CrossFit Open 2017 – Feb/Mar 17. After a strong 2016 where my anaerobic and aerobic capacities significantly increased (even if my strength plateaued), I believe that I am on course for this one. However, with the introduction of the new Masters Category (35-40 years old), I don’t know how that will affect things. Depending on how it was calculated, I either achieved this last year or was back down in the 50%s. This year, I intend calculating it against all those who entered the Masters RX competition.

zone-food-pyramidLook and Feel Healthier. Counter to what I said above about setting tangible objectives, this one initially appears subjective. In Summer 2016, I believe I felt and looked the healthiest that I have ever been. The autumn and subsequent Christmas binge scuppered that. I am bloated, ‘irregular’, sleeping poorly and feel sluggish. I will exceed my Summer 2016 view of myself no later than the end of Feb 17. To achieve this:

  • I will measure myself and take photos in the next week – they will not be published ;).
  • I will be back to a Zone-based, clean-eating plan (more to follow), recorded within the CF Watford Community pages.
  • I will absolutely reduce alcohol and treats to weekend activities and special-occasions; even then, they will be limited.
  • I will be in bed no later than 2230 each night; no later than 2200 when training / coaching at 0600 the following day.
  • I will measure / photo myself again at the end of Feb.

Comratracelogoplete 2 x Obstacle Course Races. I have intentionally not run more than a few miles in the past year. My achilles and ankles have long-term issues that I wanted to give a chance to resolve. This appears to be the case and I intend running again this year. It is my aim to complete 1 x 10km and 1 x 10km+ Obstacle Course Race (Spartan / Rock Solid / Rat Race, etc) this year. Accompanying and supporting this goal, I also intend entering some of the more extreme cross-country races on offer.


yeah, obviously not me!

Strength / Olympic Lifting. A weakness for SO long, this is an area that I am determined to address. I have established a workable olympic lifting programme and will implement it as of tomorrow morning.

But WHY?

My ultimate aim, my unifying purpose, is to be the healthiest and fittest that I can be as a parent. I wish my children to see me as a positive role model in this regard and perhaps to emulate my thirst for health & fitness themselves. Mrs Nomad provides so much to their development and I sometimes feel a little bit of an outsider, especially as a military daddy to 3 girls! I will be that 50 year old father still taking part in the the parents’ race at school sports days (and winning #obvs!). With luck, I will be the grandfather throwing the long spin pass out to my grandchildren – in a VERY long time, I might add!

By taking part in competitions, they can see me competing not to win but for the love of taking part and being part of a team as well as in individual competitions. I also get the added bonus in that I love OCRs! I hope for them to see that not everything in life is easy but that the most worthwhile things take a bit of grunt.

By having a healthy and fit approach to life, I hope for them to be able to see what such an attitude will enable them to do with their life; the freedoms it brings in absolutely every aspect of life compared to unhealthy, poorly maintained people.

In the meantime though, I want to look good. Just like everyone else.

I am happy to admit it; it’s a powerful motivator.



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