New PRs, a Rest, Christmas Run Up

Success is Different for Everyone.

Keep a Proper Perspective and do your Personal Best.

I know, it’s been a week since my last confession….er….blog post. My apologies. I’m unsure of the exact level of readership to this; I know I have a grand total of 104 official subscribers but how many actually read this, I wonder? There’re the ‘stats’ but that only records those who have come by the page, not those who read in their inbox. Feel free to drop a quick “hi” at the bottom to let me know you’ve stopped by.


Anyway, last week was one of those odd ones where I’d intended to write but just couldn’t find the words. You see, it was my Dad’s birthday on Thurs 8th Dec and while I was sat in a plush hotel in Istanbul, with all the time to write something decent, I just couldn’t find the right words. The raw emotion I’d expressed when he died (see the 18 May – My Dad Died posts) obviously there now but I’d wanted to pen something ‘reflective’. What came out was just waffle and it felt forced, and it felt wrong. It’s still sat in the drafts folder so maybe it’ll come out when the time is right.

Regardless, even without words, I’ve been putting out quite a bit of stuff on Twitter and Instagram. See @nomadiccrossfit and #flashwod to see the Christmas Advent Calendar of Fitness! šŸ˜‰


Last Wed AM

Prior to flying out to Istanbul, I stopped by CF Watford for the 6 AM Session.

3 x 3 Clean. 80kg. It’s early. Not great, I’ve done more than that before.

For Time: 500m Row, 30 x Push Jerks @ 60kg, 30 x Box Jumps @ 30″, 30 x Hang Power Cleans @ 60kg. I’d have to check my book for the time but I came in extremely happy with all of that, I do remember.

A great way to head off and on to the plane to Turkey!

Last Fri AM

After a late night flight back in to London Heathrow, I made it up for the 6am session on Friday.

3 x 5 Push Press.  80kg, a New PR! Not bad!

Nancy. 5 Rounds for Time: 400m Run & 15 x Overhead Squats w/ 42.5kg: 11:37. A New PR!!

I should fly late more often!


Yep, so it’s Monday again today and I’m down in Plymouth, working from my old gaff, so that I can get to eldest warrior princess’s Christmas show tomorrow. So, no wishing to waste the oppotunity, it’s off to CrossFit Plymouth I go!

30mins to 1RM Snatch

I’ll admit straight away that my morning Snatch programme never really took off. There hasn’t been the regularity that I would have liked due to overseas activities and the Christmas silly season. I think this has been inevitable and I’ve just had to such it up. It certainly won’t get better from here on in.

So,  it is without too much upset that I recorded only a 70kg Snatch. Even that was with 4 failures at that weight.


12 min partner WOD

  • 12 x Thruster @ 50kg
  • 12 x Box Jumps @ 24″
  • 12 x Toes to Bar

Total: 7 Rounds + 7

Working 6 reps each throughout,  I went unbroken on everything.

It was nice to be back in CF Plymouth and to see so many new athletes! It’s such a thriving box in a great city.



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