Idiots don’t eat before a WOD

I’ll get to the title in a moment.

The week began well! Deep and crisp and even, the frost this morning was cutting. Stomping through it to the gym at 0600, I was feeling pretty bloody festive and jolly! I decided to take a few snaps, as I crunched my way across the compound.

0615 on the way to the morning session.


Christmas Feet

Costa coffee on hand, and mostly recovered from the Rectus Femoris pull last week, I was intent on raising the numbers in the Snatch High Pulls.

Morning Strength Session

EMOM 20 – Snatch High Pull

  • 5 x 1 @ 45kg
  • 5 x 1 @ 50kg
  • 5 x 1 @ 55kg
  • 5 x 1 @ 60kg

This is an increase of 5kg at every level from last week and the form was strong on almost every single pull; very pleased with this set!

And then things started to go….less well…..

CrossFit Watford 1830 Session


Almost exactly 12 hours after the morning session.

Having had a pretty minimal lunch of a chicken breast and not much else, I had intended eating in London during a work trip.

The tube, coming back out of town. Well, kind of, it's artistic, innit!

The tube, coming back out of town. Well, kind of, it’s artistic, innit!

However, that didn’t materialise and the 1930 session I’d intended to get to became 1830 as a spot came up. Rushing back on the Tube, I didn’t eat anything and drove straight over to CFW. I had realised I’d not eaten but only, foolishly, downed some sachet of ‘cherry juice’ or some such freebie. Feeling fine though, I headed headlong in to:

3 x 5 Thrusters (up to 85% 1RM)

60 / 65 / 70 (x 2, struggled, reracked) / 5 x 70kg unbroken!

Happy with the lifts, I felt a little drained in the legs but pretty happy with a 5RM of 70kg.



  • Min 1 – 30 x Double Unders
  • Min 2 – 15 x Burpees
  • Min 3 – 15 Cal Row

The first round of double unders were ropey…my legs felt pretty heavy…and broke 3 times or so. Still, they were complete in under 30 secs and I hit the floor for the burpees. It took 50 secs to do 15 burpees! This was not a good sign. 15 cals on the rower complete in 45 secs. Back to double unders. Focusing, I managed to complete 27 before a quick break and finish. The burpees were another 50 sec slog before crawling on to the rower. 15 cals in 50 secs…1 pull per cal….and as I picked up the rope my vision rapidly began closing in, my legs started to shake and I stopped.

Taking myself over to the side, I slumped down, my heart rate absolutely racing! I stood up, and then sat back down again with a smack.

Charlie came over with an oat bar and it was at that point I wanted to kick myself for being such a complete twat and not eating properly today. I know it’s the silly season, with mince pies, chocolates and shit but they are not the substitute for food, people. I bloody mean it. High Intensity training is just that and it requires energy. I wasted myself during the Thrusters, achieving a new PR, and what was left was drained during the workout; I felt like a car running out of fuel.

So, learn the lessons, people!

Eat, Drink, Workout!



  1. 5 x 70kg thrusters is incredible!! Well done. I don’t train anywhere near as much as you and certainly not to the intensity you do but as I run a lot of miles in addition to crossfit, nutrition is definitely something I’m working on at the moment. I used to just eat anything and think that ‘as long as I get the calories I need, all’s good’. It’s taken me a while but I’m definitely starting to make better choices and meal prepping is really helping me.

    Hope you’re feeling better!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hello mate, yeah, I definitely got this one wrong. For weeks, I’ve almost accidentally fallen in to a good pattern of eating that has supported some great new records. It showed all the more yesterday when I got it wrong, attempted to put 100% in and just piled in to the floor. Lesson Learned though!
    You’re doing SO well at the moment, you must be pleased…


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