No Time or No Will? Thursday night Coaching.

Seen more when the darkness encroaches on the working day, but we hear it quite a bit, “I just don’t have the time for exercise.” While I won’t ever get upset by this comment, it’s more from an apathy now than an understanding. Health IS important, it’s that simple. While you don’t have to spend an hour (or more) a day thrashing yourself flipping tyres or swinging from bars, you do have a responsibility to keep yourself in good health. If you choose to sit and watch TV for 2 hours in the evening then it is a choice that you have made to prioritise that activity over another (although a lot can be achieved in front of an episode of Australian Masterchef!). Do not claim, “I just don’t have time” when you clearly do have time in the day to watch, “Britain’s Ugliest Shoe Bakeoff” or whatever. Instead, simply say, “I don’t want to” and be done with it.

Feeling extremely positive on getting up this morning! Coffee down the gullet, banana to follow, jog to the gym and get started. I love starts like this, they don’t happen often. You wake to the alarm but it’s as if the alarm has magically sync’d with your sleep rhythm and you awake feeling genuinely refreshed and good to go!


Morning Snatch Programme

Second portion of my new Snatch programme this morning and, like everything, it requires a tweak. As per Monday, it’s an EMOM but because I am focusing on overhead strength today (vice ‘volume’ for the Snatch Grip High Pulls on Monday – this will switch each week), it was 16 mins instead of 20. Working on Snatch Balance and Heaving Snatch Balance, I started too light but caught up towards the end. Next week, I’ll be working on volume where today’s weights will be better suited. That all said, the strict Snatch Balance takes a high degree of confidence and it was ‘shaky’ this morning. I did get up to a happy weight though but it’s clear I need more time under the bar. The final 6 were all Heaving Snatch Balance, intentionally, working on the power from the hips and a more dynamic movement.

  • 40 / 40 / 40 / 40 / 40 <– Snatch Balance
  • 50 / 50 / 50 / 50 / 50 <– Snatch Balance
  • 55 / 55 / 60 / 65 / 65 / 67.5kg <– Heaving Snatch Balance


Coaching at CF Watford

It’s Thursday and so my coaching night in CF Watford. I genuinely look forward to these occasions as a chance to have a positive effect on the athletes in the box. Shaking things up a little as I always try to do, I changed the warm up to incorporate Wheelbarrow Races (shoulders / core), Fireman’s Carry / Piggy Back Rides (balance, stability) and Partner-carry Squats (legs, hips, core).


3 x 3+ Bench Press

Demonstrating the Bench Press first, I highlighted the requirement to force the feet in to the ground and brace with the shoulders pressed deep in to the bench. An small upward arch of the back in the lift is no bad thing and assists in securing that core as you press up.

A key mental note to some: when in the heavier lifts, focus less on pushing the bar away from you and more on snapping those elbows completely open and locked. This minor tweak to your mental focus can work wonders.


3 Rounds for Time:

  • 400m Run
  • 10 x Ground-to-Overhead (60 / 40kg)

Emphasising scaling in this, the purpose of the WOD (especially after a pretty heavy session the night before) is to aim for unbroken. Perhaps go heavy enough that you only break once in the 2nd and maybe twice in the third but that’s about as heavy as you should go else risk losing all intensity. Of course, I’m as bad for letting my ego get in the way as anyone else. However, with a time-estimate of approx 9mins, this is an anaerobic WOD that needs to be pushed on through in order to develop Anaerobic Capacity. Regular breaks will very quickly bring you back down in to an Aerobic state, losing its value.


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