Struggle, fatigue, mindlessness….battle on

It’s okay to struggle,

but it’s never okay to give up on yourself.

I failed to get through my squats last night. From the outset, I knew my legs were simply too drained from the the Tuesday night session; my hips were sore, adductors fatigued, I couldn’t keep a strong core and my my form consequently collapsed. Knowing all of this, I packed up the kit and spent a bit of time trying to work the mobility. Nothing seemed to click though and so I headed back to my pad.

Resting this morning, I had hoped to get in to CF Watford raring to go, recovered and ready to tackle the session head on. From the double-unders in the warm up, I could feel that I just wasn’t there mentally. That said, the strength portion went well – something simple that I could really focus on. The MetCon less so. But you can’t be on top of yourself every day; I’ve had a lot of success lately and take huge heart from those achievements. Sometimes, it just doesn’t click – this week has been disjointed, PT-wise and next week will be better. Until then, a bath, a beer and a movie beckon!


5 – 3 – 1

Jerk (from rack)

60 / 80 / 100 / 102.5 / 107.5 PR!

Yes, a personal record in the Jerk. With more time and a little more focus, this would have been 110kg, without a doubt. Previously, my best had been 102.5kg and so I am very encouraged by this.



Handstand Practice.

Freestanding Holds / Walking / Shoulder Touches

Always a winner with me, a chance to show off; even then though, while I was walking up and down the box, even going so far as a slow press in to handstand from squat, I wasn’t enjoying it as I usually might. My mind was wandering and I took to coaching others (who did AMAZINGLY well, by the way!! 😀 ) instead.


4 Rounds For Time:

  • 25 x Overhead Lunges (9kg Med Ball)
  • 20 x Wall Balls
  • 15 x Med Ball Cleans

Aiming for sub-10, I struggled home in 11:47. Only the Wall Balls were unbroken throughout; something I absolutely forced myself to achieve. The first round was completely unbroken and almost so was the second. I dropped the ball at rep 7 of the Med Ball Cleans and then cursed out loud; I knew from then on in I would find it all too easy to break the reps.

Still, as I say, you really can’t be at your best every day. I had had considerable recent successes and am genuinely happy. Today was an off-day, after a bit of a broken-up week. It’s hometime tomorrow for some recuperation.

Speaking of which….it’s time for that bath!

Have a very good weekend and don’t be too hard on yourself 😉




  1. It’s so hard to push through at the gym when you’re not there mentally. I have been there, more times than I want to admit! Last week I spent 30 minutes trying to talk myself out of going for a run. But once I compromised with “I’ll just walk” and got out there, I ended up doing a 6 mile run!


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