I already know what giving up feels like.

I want to see what happens when I don’t.

Just a quick one this morning, to reflect on last night’s WOD.

To the loyal readers out there, you’ll know I’ve bemoaned my inability to ‘dig in’ when it counts and often put the barbell down when I really don’t need to. Well, last night I decided to just see what happens when I don’t put it down. I wanted to push myself harder than I have in a long time.


  • 3 x 3 Weighted Pull Ups (Strict)
  • superset w/ 4 x Deficit Negative Handstand Pushups

16 / 16 / 16kg – 5″ deficit platform

I intentionally reduced the weight from 20kg to 16kg tonight, my elbows a feeling very tight and sore; a bit of mobility required, perhaps in my back (nerve impingements there resulting in “golfer’s elbow”. The superset deficit HSPU were interesting and I pushed myself very hard there, keeping the negatives extremely slow throughout.



For Time:


  • Thrusters @ 42.5kg
  • Run 400m between sets (x 3 only)

Time: 11 min 19 secs

Rx UNBROKEN! On entering the box, I immediately jogged to the board to see how others were faring. The lead guy, potentially a strong athlete of the future and who is being pushed by the coaches, was racing through in a very swift time. He has an excellent engine and the run portion of any WOD is always very strong for him. However, despite being told to get through it all unbroken, he had broken the first set in to 2, likewise with the second set. By our attempt, I’d already decided that I was going unbroken. Thrusters have never been a strength, and I’ve not done “Fran” in a very long time, but I’d decided.

Straight in to a clean and up in to the first thruster, I had a feeling this was going to go well. By rep 10, I knew I was getting to at least 21 unbroken. By 21, there was enough left in the shoulders and before I knew it, 27 were complete, the bar was down and I was out the door. Ok, the run was not fast and this is where I ultimately lost out overall. On set 2, I flew to 21 Thrusters without a care, it would seem. The bar was back down and I was off! This run was faster and I used the time to focus on the next 15 reps, lots of positive self-talk. Again, 15 reps was not an issue (seriously, I couldn’t believe the ease with which I completed this!) and my 400m was strong. After that, I knew I’d fly through the final 9 and so it was.

Thinking about it afterwards, I have to attribute much of this to the squat programme that I’ve been working on. The muscular endurance in my legs has increased dramatically; I’ve always been strong in the shoulders but there is definitely more balance now. I also have to credit energy levels to eating most of my main meal (Mrs Nomad’s Mousakka) 90 mins before the WOD – this is something I’ve been doing more and more, seeing excellent results in all WODs. The remainder, I have to put down to genuine determination. Noone else had completed the WOD Rx Unbroken until that point (Tilly did the same during our session, well done!) which spurred me on. Sure, I lost out during the run portions (especially at the beginning) but it was about the Thrusters for me.

Mentally, what has “unbroken” done for me? How do I feel afterwards? AMAZING. Genuinely AMAZING. Despite not getting the top time (Shane is a swift guy!), I walked out of CF Watford on a HUGE high, endorphins flooding my body. I haven’t felt that great after a WOD for a very long time. More of that please!

All I can say to conclude is: Bring On Fran!



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