Pushing through the ‘meh’

Don’t Quit.

Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a Champion

-Muhammad Ali


I think this quote sums up nicely where my brain is at the moment. Perhaps just due to the amount going on in my life, the fact that the year seems to be nearly be over once more or just because the moon is waning, I am having a bit of a ‘meh’ period. Struggling to find the motivation to get stuff done, just going through the motions a bit, I’m finding that I’m having to use a lot of positive self-talk to get my arse out and in to the box. I know I have to do it else risk going backwards but for whatever the reason I’m just struggling to motivate myself.


We all go through these periods though. You can’t be on top every day of every month; you have to read the oncoming peaks and troughs to exploit the high points and ensure you’re prepared for the troughs. Now is not the time to just take an extended break but to fall back on the knowledge that this is just your mind talking and that your body is still more than capable of getting shit done.

Yesterday, I drove 2 hours back from Norwich and headed straight to CF Watford. Having paid for 3 sessions per week, I was not going to have a ‘non-attendance’ next to my name and my money wasted. I got in there but was feeling the car journey, to be honest. I didn’t focus enough in the warm up and when we got to the WOD, putting the barbell above my head for overhead squats jarred my right wrist. I then used that as an excuse to perform pretty poorly before walking out feeling more than a little dejected. However, when I look back on the WOD, I know that I still worked really hard and have been unfair on myself. I gave it about 90% overall; sure, there was more I could have done but it wasn’t a wasted session.


Making up for it today (Tuesday) though, the alarm went of at 0600 and I was up and in to the gym within 15 mins for the morning Squat Programme of:

AM Squats

  • 6 x 4 Back Squat @ 105kg
  • 6 x 2 Front Squat @95kg
  • 6 x 5 Back Squat @105kg

It was hard, as it should be, but I think I’ll be upping these weights by 2.5kg after next week.

I strolled through the day building myself up for the CF Watford WOD and ensuring I was focused when I walked in. The mind was fighting me all the way, willing me to just cancel the session and head to the bar with my workmates but I forced myself out there anyway.


4 x 4 Box Squat, As Heavy As Possible (AHAP)

60 / 80 / 100 / 60kg

The purpose of the box squat is to practice form, plain and simple. Keeping the back on the back, you sit to the box and rest. Focusing on firing the glutes, keeping the knees fixed solid outside, you then stand straight up, resisting the urge to lean forward first. I worked up to 100, was happy with that, and then repeated at a lower weight again.


“Rene” – Link

7 rounds for time:

  • 400m Run
  • 21 x Walking Lunges
  • 15 x Pull Ups
  • 9 x Burpees

Named after a Danish Special Forces soldier (see link), this is a tough Hero WOD. When it was put on the board, I hadn’t realised that it should be done with a 10kg weight vest. My 80th percentile score of 28:58 perhaps shouldn’t then stand but I tell you, I worked hard during that. I was out front on my own (in our group) from the start and with my mind trying to coerce me to slow down or stop, I pushed myself on. Yes, I would have shaved off a few seconds here and there if working in competition with someone else but ultimately I am still pleased with tonight’s effort.


I have got to get a grip of this. Mrs Nomad put cupcakes and mini-Toblerones in to my bag yesterday. Normally a weekend treat, I have gobbled most of them up already, unable to resist the call of the sugary deliciousness. Just another sign of my mental ‘meh’ at the moment.

I did finish the day off with a late night bath though, so it concluded in perhaps the best fashion.



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