You are not Weak. Alcohol is Shit.

You have a Weakness, You are Not Weak.

Just a short one this evening as I’ve been sleeping extremely poorly recently and I need a shower and my bed. While it has been a de-load week from Squatting, I’ve taken my eye off the ball generally and let things fall apart. I had a military function last night and despite vowing that I wouldn’t drink, I had more than one. For someone who very rarely drinks, 2 sessions in 5 days is far too much. There’s a leaving function for someone tomorrow night too but I’ve already booked myself in to the 6am session in order to provide mitigation and an excuse to extract early.  I troughed pints of water before bed but slept extremely badly and woke groggy and shabby. Sure enough, that played in to tonight’s WOD where I was a mental wreck and couldn’t get my head in the game.

However, they’re my own problems and ones I can deal with.

Something I heard in the box this evening made me think. Someone I have a huge amount of time for, a strong, determined, and motivated Scotsman, (Gary) said something akin to, “yeah but I am weak”. I had to stop him right there, during the Snatch Balance work and tell him politely that there is nothing weak about him at all. We all have a weakness but it doesn’t make us weak. To push yourself through those workouts (and tonight’s was pure evil), get yourself off the floor and know you’re coming back the next day takes strength. Weak people give in. Strong people continue on.

I say this because language and self-talk is everything in this game. You start telling yourself that you are weak or in some way not suitable for something and guess what? Tomorrow you just might not find that strength to get out of bed in the dark hours to hit the gym or power through a hard day at work yet still make it to the last WOD of the day.

Tell yourself how strong you are and it’s amazing how easily you’ll believe it an act on it.


CrossFit Watford

Well, I did record tonight’s session in Time Lapse but in typical fashion, my garbage phone reset itself halfway through and the video is corrupt. I was look extremely awesome too! You’d have loved it! 😀


15mins to a heavy Snatch Balance

3 x 40 / 3 x 50 / 3 x 55

Nothing overly heavy for me but I’m very out of practice with this and it showed; I had to repeat a few of the lifts. Thanks Gary for keeping me going in that!


“Top Gun”

For Time, with 42.5kg:

  • 20 x Thrusters
  • 20 x Sumo Deadlift High Pull
  • 20 x Push Jerk
  • 20 x Overhead Squat
  • 20 x Front Squat

On each minute, stop, do 4 x Burpees

Time: 11:49 Rx

I was extremely disappointed in how hard this felt. By the end I was close to vomiting for the first time in a very long time. I pushed and pushed but could not maintain any kind of structure to it. Mentally, I was a mess. The Burpees REALLY sucked it out of me.

And, on that note, I am off for a shower and bed. Love you all, fitness legends!


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