Fitness + alcohol = hangover 

Feeling pretty sorry for myself. Grumpy. Tired. Irritable.

Entirely my own fault. Can’t express frustrations except aimed internally. 

I rarely drink more than 1 pint. Very rarely. The doc has to ask at each checkup or appointment and never seems satisfied when I reply,  “2 units” to the question of alcohol consumption. “Per day?, they retort. “Per week or fortnight”, I say, much to their raised eyebrowed incredulity.

Training at least 6 sessions a week, stripping down body fat, increasing metabolic rate, enhancing blood flow….These are great markers for fitness. 

What are they not good for?

The ability to tolerate above average levels of alcohol. 

So when invited to a social event, leaving do or other party-type gathering, I usually do the boring thing and switch between beer/Guinness and diet coke. Why then did I not do this last night? Why did I feel the need to have 1 pint of Guinness and 3 pints of Kronenborg 1664? Yes, it was only 4 pints in the space of 3 hours. It would seem from the state of my brain and body that 4 is now well outside my tolerable limits. At uni, during military training, even up to about 5 years ago, 4 pints would have been a starter. Now it’s a full on size 10 Dr Marten boot to the gut, eyes, nose and soul.

I even managed a respectable 6 hours sleep but it obviously wasn’t top quality. Alcohol doesn’t allow normal sleep rhythms to occur, reducing deep sleep. Besides, I needed a piss at about 2. I tried to change position, hold it in, ignore it, as we’ve all done….but ended up inevitably cursing the world as I crawled out from the covers and in to the bathroom.

Finally having to get my arse out of bed at 6am, for a train to London at 7.45, I was immediately angry with myself. Eyes like tiny, dark pee-holes in fresh snow, and a mouth as barren as the underside of a goat-herder’s sandals with the associated smell and taste to match. Also, I know it’s a rest day but this will affect me for days! The Lemsip Max 4-in-1 helped, but it wasn’t until the first jug of coffee at 9 that I was able to coordinate my brain and mouth in to intelligible output. 

God bless you, Costa Coffee. 
I tell you what. It was a fun night though 😀 😉



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