Primal Games, Squatting in to the Week with Strength….but not without Mobility.

Look in the Mirror.

There’s your Competition.

I had the distinct privilege of judging at the Primal Games on Sunday. Run out of CrossFit Plymouth, “Primal” is a truly incredible functional fitness competition (because you’re not allowed to call it a CrossFit Competition unless sanctioned by CrossFit HQ) in the South West of England. With teams from as far away as Romsey, PG13 attracted hundreds of athletes for Masters, RX and Scaled divisions. I could only stay around for the first 2 WODs in the morning but I felt sincere pride at seeing athletes I first coached on a Friday evening a year ago in the newbies class now attacking the competition with incredible fitness and form. Their camaraderie, drive and determination was insane! Well done guys! This is indicative of CrossFit Plymouth, its whole ethos and mentality. They’re in it for each other and I love it!


If I can raise one point, and it is perhaps indicative of amateur CrossFit in the UK as a whole, I was shocked at the lack of mobility by more than a few of the supposed RX athletes from across the boxes. Even pushing a plate above the head with straight arms was a real challenge for many, almost entirely male, either because of shoulder mobility issues or the inability to simply straighten the arms……I admit that I’d expected it in the Masters division but to see so many <30 year olds unable to fully extend was a bit shocking – you’ll have seen it yourselves perhaps, big biceps, restricted range of movement. CrossFit isn’t just about lifting weights fast. The whole CrossFit programme is built on a foundation of good mobility and strong form in the movements yet increasingly often coaches are either unable or unwilling to ensure their athletes develop in this area, instead allowing the athletes to dictate the path. At least, that’s just my view.

However, it wasn’t everyone and, once again, the Primal Games delivered a competition atmosphere that I’ve not felt anywhere else. CrossFit Plymouth continue to deliver in spades and I’m proud for James Bish and his team to have been a part of my own development.

But back to London and back in to the morning Squat programme. This is the week I’ve been dreading……..but I needn’t have.

Squat Programme

  • 6 x 2 Back Squat @ 105kg
  • 6 x 6 Front Squat @ 95kg
  • 6 x 2 Back Squat @ 105kg

2 weeks ago, I struggled with 3 reps of Front Squats at 95kg. Today, I happily (ok, not happily!) handled the 6 x 6. Smash!


CrossFit Watford


CF Watford Strength

Back in to my current CF home in Watford and I almost didn’t make it tonight. It’s testament to how much I love coming here that I fought the traffic, cursed the traffic lights and seethed at people in general who were getting in my way and stopping me from arriving on time. I arrived with a smile on my face, as I always do, but I ended up missing the warm up and diving almost straight in to:

3 x 3 Thrusters

75 / 80 / 85kg

Personal Record, baby!! I even stopped at 85kg because I’d not warmed up properly; there would have been 90kg in there if I’d warmed up.

20161003_195501.jpg 20161003_195559.jpg


The determination of those in CF Watford is so inspiring and humbling. Love it.


20min Every Min on the Min (EMOM) – 50kg

  • 3 x Power Cleans
  • 3 x Front Squats
  • 3 x Push Jerk

Rx for this WOD was 60kg. However, an EMOM is about maintaining form, function and pace. The ability to repeat high intensity work, with minimal rest, is key. “Unbroken” is the way forward. Therefore……Ego must be left at the door! (cheers Paul!) In the words of Abdur (a very determined CFW Athlete) “it’s you vs you”, especially when it comes to EMOMs. I scaled to 50kg and by round 15 I was in bits. I aimed to keep every set under 20 secs and managed it each time. 55kg ‘might’ have been manageable (probably not) but 60kg was definitely out.


  • Pre-Squats: 200ml Whole Milk (might have been in the fridge a day or two too long 😦 )
  • Breakfast: 200ml Semi-skimmed Milk + 25g MyProtein Impact Whey Protein. Scrambled Eggs (2) on Spinach / Rocket / homegrown Lettuce  & Mustard + Cherry Tomatoes
  • Lunch: Scrambled Eggs (3) on Spinach / Lettuce / Rocket / Mustard / Cherry Tomatoes
  • Post-WOD: 25g Whey Protein
  • Dinner: 2 x Sausages, small roasted new Potato, Brocolli, Gravy


Primal Games:

CrossFit Watford:


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