Surround Yourself with Greatness. 

Seek Inspiration Everywhere.

Olympians. Business Heads. Children. Young. Old. New. Experienced. Beginners. Experts. Sport. Science. 

As I sit in Terminal 2, sipping my Caffé Nero Americano, I’m reminded of all manner and sources of inspiration around us.  

I see children playing together, oblivious to the divisions that remain, haunting the world at large. Running, rolling, hiding, jumping. Pure potential.
There are sportsmen, possibly US national level from the look of their kit, huddled up, headphones on, focused inwardly, quiet. Determined but relaxed.

Business execs queue to be the first on the plane; they’ll turn left, I’ll turn right. They’ve earned that…… (maybe 😉 )

Mothers and fathers entertain their little ones; endless patience, innovative parenting, tireless enthusiasm.

Retirees, the elderly, the wise. Looking on with a knowing, satisfied, comfortable smile at the world around them. Success in their own right.

In the coaching world, the quote, “Surround Yourself With Greatness” has become fashionable as a soundbite, as a backdrop of a sunrise photo or accompanying a copyrighted image of some silhouetted player slam-dunking a basket. 

My own photo, my own pithy words

Taking inspiration from the success and hard work of others is absolutely the right thing to do. Seeing yourself at that level, emulating and setting your sights on the very best is powerful motivation. 

But how do you intentionally, actually surround yourself?

You can watch selected video clips. There are inspirational books written by those at the top, those who turn left and not right on the plane. Perhaps you can have photos taken with sportsmen after they cross the finish line. Many organisations arrange gatherings and evening speeches that you can attend (not always for a fee).

These are all valid and useful endeavours. 


You can sit in an airport,  a town centre, a cafe… can grab a hot coffee and a paleo snack (obviously)….and you can watch the strength and success all around you. 

See the new parents who haven’t slept in days yet find imaginative and inventive ways to make their child smile. 

Watch the collective and self-discipline of the  sports champs with their determination and mental fortitude. 

Smile with the veterans heading for a trip abroad who’ve been there, done it and defeated the scars.

“Surround Yourself With Greatness” is not an instruction to go out and seek something new. It’s not a cue to pile up books, put cat posters up and watch endless YouTube clips. 

You are surrounded by greatness. 

It’s everywhere you look. 

See the strength, the raw greatness in the world, and invoke it.



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