Coaching When You See Poor Form?

It’s Monday. Don’t forget to be Awesome.


Last week was very disjointed from a training point of view. Sure, I managed 5 sessions, which is the bare minimum I want to achieve, but much of it was rushed and “sub optimal”, to be honest. Sometimes, no matter how well you plan it out and how much you want to do something, life will get in the way. Work pressures and colleagues’ leaving events resulted in there simply being genuinely no time to achieve those things I set out to. This even included the morning squat routine that I have diligently held above all else over the last 4 weeks; I managed 2 of the 3 sessions. This week is set to be similar, with travel on Tuesday and Wednesday; I am working on a plan to get something in tomorrow morning before leaving though.

In the CrossFit NWD box this morning, minding my own business, and despite it being dawn o’clock and not even the birds venturing out of their hidey-holes, 2 other people walked in. I had the music on the stereo and and they had their earphones in so we didn’t even say as much as a “hello” between us. One of them is a regular (not to CF, but to the facility) while I’d not met the girl in there before. She was obviously a ‘crossfitter’ from the look of her kit and the movements she began to work through – Wall Balls, Burpees and Kettlebell Swings. However, the wall balls were utterly shocking (using a 6kg ball too), the burpees were poor and the single-arm KB Swings were very inefficient. Ok, I’m hardly the poster boy for fitness but I am a CF Trainer and have been doing this a long time now. In the past, I have approached the individual and offered a few pointers. Inevitably though, this results in extremely disgruntled individuals no matter how tactful / polite / sensitive you try to be. I find this especially to be the case when it’s a lady; there is always that impression of, “here little lady, let the big man show you how it’s done.” Of course, this is entirely not how I wish to come across.

So I left it. I did nothing. shock_emoji

I left her to a ball that was too heavy for her, burpee movements that probably resulted in a sore lower back and kettlebells that she was struggling to swing. I feel patronising talking about her in this way, and that is not my intent. From the look of her Nanos, I’d say she is relatively new to CF although her t-shirt was an ‘extreme’ cross-country one and she does look like a good runner. I can only assume that she has begun classes somewhere but that she is not being coached; I know people who follow CF workouts online / from mainsite alone but they don’t tend to then start buying CF-branded kit. This kind of thing really upsets me as it gives credence to the bad reputation that follows CrossFit despite it generally being very well coached.

Did I do the right thing? How could I have approached the situation?


Week 5 of the Squat Programme

  • Front Squat 6 x 4 @ 95kg
  • Back Squat 6 x 2 @ 105kg
  • Front Squat 6 x 5 @95kg

Holy Thor, son of Odin! I missed the 3rd session last week and was worried about this one. After the first set of 4 reps, I could have walked out. Honestly, I was thinking, “how the HELL do I lift that again?!” But I did. and Again. The Back Squats felt like a rest period and then I had to face doing even more Front Squats. However, it worked. It really did. I pushed out the first 5 and surprised myself! Sure, it wasn’t easy, a Squat programme should / cannot be easy. But I did it. I think the lesson here is to trust the programming. It was put together based on sound evidence-based logic and it really works. I’m almost looking forward to getting 2 more complete sessions of this in this week.



  • Pre-WOD: Banana
  • Breakfast: Leftover Mousakka and couscous. 200ml Whole Milk & Whey Protein
  • Lunch: Leftover Sunday Roast Chicken and vegetables (Beautiful!)
  • Dinner: A lovely green tea roasted Salmon with ginger rice – and lots of cheese.




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