9/11 Tribute WOD at CF Lackland, Texas 

In 33C heat,  high humidity and with fuzzy-headed jetlag, I quite excitedly made my way over to CrossFit Lackland in San Antonio. As CF Lackland is only 1.5 miles from my accommodation, it was the obvious choice for a bit of box tourism. 

From the front it’s a pretty unimposing place, standing among a line of shops in an out-of-town area. I’ve been to CF Boxes all over the world and from this frontage was expecting something like CF Towoomba in Australia. CF Towoomba remains one of my absolute favourites for local, community CF outlets and it’d be hard to beat. However, CF Lackland may take joint first place! 

CF Lackland is a huge and extremely well-equipped, extremely well-maintained facility, that is obvious from the outset. I’ve been in such places before though, in North Carolina, where the atmosphere hasn’t matched the facility. Not so with CF Lackland. I was greeted by the female coach (Jolene, Li? One of you showed me round, the other took my photo at the end, and did a terrible British accent!;) ) and processed through the waiver form easily. Talking about being in the military, she explained the WOD was a 9/11 Tribute. I was half hour early and got chatting to another coach,  David. Preparing for his CF Level 3, he is a wealth of knowledge, focusing his time on the newbies. We exchanged Facebook  details and I began the warm up.

Staring incredulously at the WOD, I watched the box owner, Jason (who looks suspiciously like James Bish of CF Plymouth), complete all 15 rounds Rx  in under the 45 mins. 

On his and coach’s orders I scaled the weight to 95lbs (43 kg), given jetlag, heat and lack of acclimatisation. Knowing I’d fly up the rope and could hit 11 kcal inside 50 secs each time, the Power Cleans became my focus. Unbroken.

3-2-1 Go!

Time: 40:26.

On plan, all Power Cleans were unbroken, perhaps my biggest achievement in this. Whether true or not, as a visitor to another box (especially as a CF Trainer yourself), there always seems to be that extra level of scrutiny which forces you to give just a little extra. Could I have Rx’d this? Maybe but definitely not in these conditions. Good call made by the coaches. Spending the remaining 3 min 34 secs supporting and watching the others, I was in awe of the effort levels. CF Lackland members quite clearly have superb commitment levels that has to be a direct reflection of Jason and his coaches. As a former military man (who has actually lived in the same UK Town as me – Ely), he really knows how to motivate his athletes and coaches, and is highly self-motivated to continue to develop his own community. He’s even just built Peg Boards!! I’d love to try them out.

If I get time this week, I’ll be heading right back there. If you get the chance,  do drop in. You’ll be treated well, cheered on, encouraged and then slapped on the back when you finish.
Are you a box tourist? Where’s your favourite “away” box and why?


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