Power Play with Diane. Leon for dinner.

You (All) Motivate Me.

After last night’s “not 100% effort” and ongoing concerns about the lack of short, highly intense,  power pathway (1 of 3 metabolic pathways in sport) workouts, I rose this morning determined to redress the balance.

Well…that’s almost accurate. My first thoughts on staring out in to the dark, North London dinge were, “reset alarm for later, snooze…..” and “I ain’t getting out of this bed for that!” But out if bed I did crawl, sloth – like,  to the bathroom. You know why I got out of bed early today? 2 reasons. The first is the ever present,  persistent voice of my Dad telling me to keep moving; the second is YOU.  All of you out there who read this. I found myself thinking,  “what will they think if I’m too lazy to put the effort in?!”. The blogs I read from you all, and the pressure to stick to my own narrative, motivate me. So thank you!

Waking fully by the time I hit the gym mats, I stared up at the list of “Girls”. With a crook ankle, all dynamic movements are out, including running and  Olympic lifting.  I’ve hit a few of the bodyweight ones recently too and they wouldn’t really cut it for my Power Thirst. Scanning down, I saw “Diane”.

For Time:


  • Deadlifts @ 100kg
  • Handstand Push Ups

Last thrashing this lady aboard a ship while on deployment in 2014, she was ripe for a beating. After a good warm up and mobility work, I charged onward! 

Time : 5:49 Rx

Unbroken in first 21 Deadlifts, I accidentally broke the HSPU at 16. 15 Double Unders were broken at 7 and 10 – disappointing.  15 HSPU unbroken.  9 Deadlifts,  unbroken. 9 HSPU broken at 6. This was almost a full minute slower than my best but still 84th percentile on Beyond The Whiteboard so I’m actially very happy! 0630hrs, 2 years older and just half a banana for food.


PreWOD: half a banana

Breakfast: Banana Nut Butter Protein Cake 

Lunch: catered food.

Lunch during a meeting…..

Dinner : 

Leon @ Victoria

Chicken Hot Box with “Green” drink

Dinner was definitely the highlight. We’ve been planning on visiting Leon “Naturally Fast Food” for a while and I reckon the walk from Westminster to Victoria was worth it. Friendly,  fun staff on entry,  a broad menu, mostly gluten-free (my daughter has coeliac disease) and about as ‘healthy’ as it’s possible to get for a fast food place. I had the chicken hot box with chilli sauce and “Green drink”. The meal was hot,  generously portioned (although I’d have preferred less rice and more salad), and well presented. It tasted excellent, far better than I expected for the speed it was served. The drink tasted of apple but there was quite obviously hidden healthiness in there too,  such as spinach and / or kale.  It also cost the same as a McDonald’s meal on the same road. 



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