Injured? Don’t Stop, Switch

An injury is an opportunity.

I’ll keep it brief this evening. The ankle injury is……..sore… you can see.


But it’s not the end of my training. It’s not even a pause. After repeated hot/col treatments last night, I was up at 0630hrs for 15mins of hot water treatment followed by 15 mins of ice before compressing it in to military boots and strapping it down for the next few hours.

Same over lunch – hot, cold, repeat.

Undetered by injury, I headed down to CF NWD to see what they were up to tonight. Box Jumps, Overhead lunges, Jumping…..Not for me tonight. What did I say last night though (go on, go back and read yesterday’s post, I’ll wait here……..)

You back? Cool. I said that an injury is an opportunity to work other areas and so it was that I decided to focus on a little handstand work and then Angie.


For Time

  • 100 x Pull Ups
  • 100 x Push Ups
  • 100 x Sit Ups
  • 100 x Squats

Time: 19:39 Rx

2 secs off my PR!! Goddamn it! If I’d been watching the clock properly…..grrr…..anyway, Pull Ups REALLY slowed me down (hence a good opportunity to work on them), coming in at 8 mins for those. Push Ups were extremely poor after yesterday’s 150+. Sit Ups were completely unbroken and the squats were…measured due to the ankle. All in all, with injury and fatigue, I was over the moon with this! BOOM!


Do you have a repeating injury?

What did you do to train during your last injury?

Let me know.



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