Back In! Overcoming the ‘Return to Work, Return to the Gym’ – and immediate injury.

When life gives you lemons……


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3 weeks of general awesomeness over the summer……and the inevitable return to work this morning (well, late last night). We all face it (I assume)…..that same pit-of-the-stomach ‘back to school’ feeling we used to get as children after a holiday. Driving back to Watford last night, the calm, relaxed, contemplatative NomadCelt was swiftly reverting to the same snarling beast I’d been on the journey home 3 weeks ago! Traffic jams, irate drivers, pointless hold-ups and still no iPod!! (I must get this fixed sharpish!). Honestly though, it wasn’t the traffic at all, it was the general “hurrumph!” at having to return to work after a great summer break. Why can’t all life be travelling, swimming, sand castles and ice cream?! (don’t answer that one!).

And so it was with surprisingly buoyancy that I leapt out of bed at 0555 this morning, after a pretty rotten sleep plagued by the thought of a 137 message inbox awaiting me, scoffed down some nuts, grabbed a black Carte Noire Petite Dejeuner coffee and strolled over to the gym for the new morning programme.

Morning Squat Routine

@ 80% of 1RM (or slightly less in order to maintain volume)

  • 6 x 2 Front Squat (92.5 kg)
  • 6 x 3 Back Squat (102.5kg)
  • 6 x 2 Front Squat (92.5kg)

Dropping the weights by 5kg from my attempt at this 4 weeks ago, I was able to get all lifts in (not easily) within 35 mins, without a belt and with stable form; I do need to ensure decent sleep though if I am going to be cracking this alongside CF Watford programming too. This programme is courtesy of

And so it was with a feeling of confidence that I arrived at CF Watford this evening full of beans and Olympic levels of motivation. 600m gentle jog as part of the warm up. 300m around and my left ankle went out under me, twisting as it did so with a wrenching feeling and an immediate sinking feeling in my heart. This is not the first time, far from it. This ankle has been the bane of my military career. It rolls perhaps once a year quite seriously; it being so utterly weak, I’m used to it and am usually up ‘not running’ in about a week or so.

I am gutted. Thoughts of a new obstacle race, the Plymouth 10km or any triathlon have just evaporated once again.

make a bloody great gin and tonic……


It would be too easy to be despondent about this and just not train. However, it’s an opportunity to train other areas. I can’t run but I can row and cycle. I can’t squat at the moment but I can work my upper body and perhaps reattack the handstand push ups that I’ve lost or the muscle ups that I’ve become slack at. I have to accept that I’m never going to be a runner again but perhaps could get good on a bike or at swimming.

I should point out that the WOD didn’t stop for me, oh no. Instead of Rowing, I used the Assault Bike (wish I’d rowed!!) and instead of wall balls, I did pushups – a lot of push ups!

Right now though, it’s Mobility, Hot Bath, Compression and Elevation. I’m not a fan of icing an injury, it’s never made sense to me. Sure, you numb the area but that’s because you’ve constricted blood flow….blood flow that is increasing to an area in order to protect and heal it. Surely the best thing to do is increase protection and healing? Hot bath for me please!




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