Summer Hols Week 3 – Coaching, More Swimming, Lifting

There is no fate but what we make – Sarah Connor

Croyde Bay

North Devon coast for 3 days this week. We made the most of the good weather, getting out to Combe Martin bay for rock pooling and swimming as well as Croyde Bay for the girls’ first ever bodyboarding experience. They were awesomeballs! Check out the weather!! This must have been the best British summer in years. Love it!!!!

Combe Martin

I swam for about 800m between bays although had no way of measuring it until the tide went right out; I then measured it with GPS and found I’d been quite precise. On Wed morning, I repeated the 800m at 600hrs.  Growing in confidence,  I did an extra lap and completed 1200m on Thurs morning too. Of course, I could have completed the mile but judging open open water is a completely different beast to pool swimming. 

Time Lapse of 1200m Swim: 

This open water lark is quite fun! A whole new challenge. I’m even very tempted by a triathlon.  Open water swimming does take some prep though and I’ll write about that soon. The Olympics have inspired and motivated me almost every single day. What from Rio inspired you the most and what will you do to harness that feeling?

Coaching. On Monday morning, I headed in to CF Plymouth to coach a session. It being 0700, there was only one person in, a relative newbie. This was a top opportunity to refresh my 1-2-1 coaching skills. Not coaching regularly results in inevitable skill fade. I love coaching so much; not so much sporting / fitness but coaching others to achieve whatever they truly want in any aspect of life.

Lifting. On Friday, back in Plymouth after the 3 days away, it was Lifting at CFP.  Front Squat x 3 -105kg,  3RM is 112.5kg. I could have achieved that but ran out of time. Strict Press x 3 – 72.5kg, new 3RM! After 3 weeks of softness, I am happy with both of these numbers as I move in to a new squatting programme from

All in all, I think I’ve done pretty well to maintain general conditioning over the summer period. Ok, I could have done more but then it wouldn’t have been much of of a holiday,  would it!? I have been SO inspired by Rio Olympics and really want to push on with this amazing feeling.

Oh……and I’ve signed up for the Plymouth 10km on Oct 9th with CF Plymouth…..what can go wrong? 

So, how did you do do through the summer break? 



  1. Well that sounded very active!! I too am loving watching the Olympics and as always I’m drawn to the gymnastics. I used to be a gymnast and figure skater so would love to get back to that but sadly injuries and now chronic illness have put an end to those ideas. I’m looking forward to finding new things that I CAN do though!
    Looks like you had a lovely time :-).


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