SheWOD.  Empowering and Inspiring Women through Fitness, Sun 18 Sept, CrossFit Pi, Exeter 

Inspired by an event I came across last year, I promised my good friends Samantha and Charlotte that I would help promote their charity CrossFit-type competition this year. I would ask all who read this to share this post / share their Facebook page / tag anyone who might be interested. 

SHEWOD team, over to you:

SheWOD is the first female only charity sporting (CrossFit) event designed to empower and inspire women to lead an active lifestyle and achieve new things whilst raising money for good causes.
On Sunday September 18th 2016 at CrossFit Pi in Exeter, we are holding the fourth SheWOD event. 

We are a small group of friends that run this event every year.

Each year athletes attending choose a charity close to their hearts, to donate to. Last year we had over 40 athletes and we raised for St Luke’s Hospice- Plymouth. The event previous to that we raised money for The Snowdrop appeal, a local charity raising funds for a new unit at Derriford Hospital for stillborn, miscarriage and early baby loss. This year the charity we have chosen is Hugs From Henry (Charity No 1161382).

Female athletes of mixed abilities come from across The South West to the event, which is free to attend. We rely solely on from athlete’s kind entrance donations and local businesses to provide prize donations. 100% of what we raise goes straight to the chosen charity! In the past we have had support from local clothing brands, restaurants and supplement/health food vendors. 

CrossFit is an extremely popular sport now – chances are you know someone who does it! It is more than just a brand – it’s a community. It involves people working out together, setting targets, learning new skills, and having fun. It’s a combination of gymnastics, strength and conditioning, and Olympic weightlifting.

If you would like to get to know us a little better, you can find us on Facebook – ‘SheWoD’ where we have information, pictures and videos ; these should hopefully show you a little bit more about us.

SheWod Team

Samantha, Charlotte, Rose, Kayleigh, and Natasha






In Omnia Paratus   ‘Ready For Anythin




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