Summer Hols Week 2 – Handstands, Swimming, Heptathlon

“Commitment means staying true to what you said you were going to do, long after the mood you said it in wears off.”


Nomadic Workout


Inspired by Jessica Ennis-Hill and Katarina Johnson-Thompson

Swanage Camping

3 days camping in Swanage, on the south coast of the UK, was exactly what the doctor ordered. Temps of 24C, crystal-clear warm waters, a family who love playing in the sea and great seafood….fantastic. The temptation would have been to just let it all soak in and get soft for a bit but you know me, I always find some way to make things just a little harder.

Two days in a row, at least 600m-800m Open Water Swimming. Ok, it’s not a lot but I do have 3 warrior princesses and Mrs Nomad to mess about with!

12 08 2016 (19)

How far forward can I go? Chief Warrior Princess looks on. (Sucking it all in for the camera!)

In the campsite, I took the opportunity, in my CrossFit Rife pyjamas, to practice gymnastics skills with handstands and handstand shoulder touches – 5 Rounds of Max Effort Shoulder Touches. 18 was my best, 14 the worst. I also pushed out 5 Rounds of Handstand Walks, 10m each.

Nutrition has taken an inevitable pounding but I’ve not pushed it. Beer, cakes, bread and bad portion control are all taking their toll. That said, I have eaten a lot of fresh seafood this week, including mackerel, sea bass, prawns, cockles and crab. There’s also been the burgers, sausages and beautifully BBQ’d steak 😀

Garage Workout 

In the garage for a barbell workout this afternoon. One I’ve cracked before,  “DT”, I wasn’t looking for a record time, just to keep hands on the barbell. With music loud, neighbours staring out of windows in disbelief, the sun beating down and Olympic Motivation flowing, I went for:


5 Rounds of :

  • 12 x Deadlift @ 70kg
  • 9 x Hang Power Clean @70kg
  • 6 x Push Jerk @ 70kg

My record is 16:34 but today I plodded through in 17:49  and I’m happy; it’s the fastest I’ve ever done it in the garage. On my own, with a non-Oly  bar. Thanks to the oh-so-useful hook grip, I’ve torn another hole in my thumb and in all honesty it was a huge factor in slowing me down. I simply didn’t want to pick that bar up again after round 3 (first 3 rounds in 9 mins). On completion, I had 300ml Whole Milk with 1 x large egg, 1 x teaspoon of instant coffee and 1 teaspoons of chocolate drink mix. Nom Nom Nom!

Unlike the old days where I’d wear my ripped hands as a badge of CF honour, these days I just see it as a failure to prepare. I know what my cheap bar (York Beefy Bar) is like and I know what happens to my right thumb when hook gripping repeatedly. My pain, my fault.

So, on to Week 3 – more sun, more beach, more exercises in odd places.

What exercise do you do to maintain some semblance of good shape through the holidays?

Do let me know.












  1. Your motivation never fails to impress, but that quote about commitment is so true. Loving the sand photo. And mmm, fresh seafood.

    When I’m on holiday, I just tend to try to fit in a couple of runs. And if there’s a parkrun in the area – I’ll go and do some tourism!


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