Cheers, Chief, and thanks for the Open Water Swimming

“Sports do not build character, they reveal it.”

Despite the body still suffering the latter stages of a chest infection, I decided that I’d had enough of this mooching about and needed to get back in the gym ASAP; yes. I KNOW it goes against any advice I’d give to others but sometimes, “Do as I say, not as I do!” Got It??!! 😉 Looking at the CF Plymouth WOD for today, it was “The Chief”. This is one I’ve cracked in the last 7 months but not with the best of scores. Could I beat it, even with a lingering gunky cough?

The Chief

5 Rounds of:

  • 3 x Power Clean @ 60kg / 135lb
  • 6 x Push Up
  • 9 x Air Squat
  • 1 min Rest

Previous Best: 20 Rounds and 6 Reps

New Best: 21 Rounds and 16 Reps

Yep, I smashed it! Unbroken Power Cleans (only managed first rounds last time), Push Ups burpeed in to Squats every time…I did slow down in rounds 4 and 5 though, simply coughing too much and finding it extremely hard to breathe. There’s more to come from this one in the future.

A New Sport

I’ve always loved being in the water; I’ve lived near the coast my whole life and am always the first in the sea when it’s in front of me (except last week when Mrs Nomad made a point of racing me in!!). I’ve never really got in to open water swimming though, normally seeking to mess about or bounce canoes around.


With the sun breaking out in Plymouth, we took a trip down to our local rock-pooling location, Mount Batten. Throwing my little shortie wetsuit in the boot, I was feeling quite excited about getting in! With the tide out so far, there wasn’t a great deal to be done and I perhaps swam only a total of about 400m, across thick, entangling fields of kelp, wrack, bladderwrack and sea lettuce. I think there’s definitely more of this to come in the future too, starting this week in Swanage!

Flash WOD

Flash WODs are those you can do anywhere, at any time and with no equipment. They are not complete workouts in themselves but can easily be extended to be so.


Wherever you are, whenever you need to do it. See Twitter #flashwod for more.





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