When you wake up and….

Yes, so today I awoke with a bit of a sore head from a workmate’s leaving dinner. It didn’t take long for the fog to clear though and I remembered……I’m on leave for 3 weeks! Smash! Leaping out of bed in alcohol fumed humour, I collapsed in a heap as my hamstrings, glutes and calves told me to “F’off”, packed their bags and left. Yesterday,  prior to the leaving dinner, I’d had a great opportunity to round off the term with a friend of mine,  Samantha. A female lifter of considerable potential, I’ve known her a while, having coached CrossFit at CF Plymouth. She invited me to Crystal Palace National Sports Centre for a barbell throw – about. Given that she’s pretty much as strong as me, and with considerable experience,  you might imagine how my ego reacted. Cue lifting far more than I’d intended while trying to mask hamstring DOMS from 6 other sessions this week. Hamstrings and glutes in tatters, my calves just said, “hey, if you’re gone, I ain’t sticking around with this fool!” It was a top session though and a tidy way to end the term. Thanks Samantha.

Dragging my sorry backside off the floor and in to the shower, I tried to find the location of my entire lower body musculature but it’d vanished. It wasn’t until my first Tassimo Carte Noire of the day that my body began reluctantly obeying simple instructions.

But, I’m away from work for 3 golden weeks. There’re trips to France, Swanage, North Devon and home to look forward to. Come rain or shine, Team Nomad will have a great time. Throughout, I’ll be maintaining fitness through load carries,  strongman type work, bodyweight exercises and combinations of all. As normal, I’ll blog the nomadic nature of my fitness journey.
Love you all. Laters.

What’s the most unusal fitness opportunity you’ve had?



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