Bright Day, Back Squats, Flight to USA

You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.

This quote has always been one of my favourites. It’s overused, clichéd and blindingly obvious but I feel it to be quite powerful. Such a simple reminder in life permits you to try absolutely anything and, if not successful first time, try it again. if you don’t try it, you’ll never know what you’ve missed nor what could have been.

So it was this morning with getting out of bed for PT. I set the alarm slightly later than normal as my airport transport wasn’t due until 0845. Still, I was feeling achy and irritable when I woke from a seasonably muggy sleep. Within seconds of my self – bitching,   this quote popped in to my mind. Cool! Get up, get out! I was suddenly motivated, alive and pulling apart the curtains to another beautiful Summer day!

Morning Session

Opting for Back Squats today, and with no PT for the next two days, I decided to go heavier than 85%.

10 x 60 / 5 x 70 / 3 x 100 / 1 x 110 / 1 x 120 / 3 x 100 / 1 x 130 / 1 x 135kg 

Watching Tom Bench Press 125kg last night, I feel extraordinarily weak only Squatting a similar amount but this equals my most recent 1RM and is 5kg from my all-time PR. In Sept, I’ll be beginning an AM squatting programme to replace the Oly Lifting ‘re-familiarisation’ that I’m currently on. Squatting and leg power is the foundation of all athletic ability; it’s time I caught up.


Off to USA today for a conference in DC. Somehow, exactly the same period for the last 3 years has seen me in DC. I suspect it’s because it’s always just before summer leave, my final trip prior to 3 weeks rest.

Flying with Virgin Atlantic, I never have a bad experience. Indeed, today looked like it would top all other travel ever! The check-in desks were full and so us common folk were filtered to the ‘Upper Class’ desk.

A lovely German lady checked me in and, after a few moments, disappeared! This wasn’t looking helpful. She returned about 5 mins later (queue of people behind me) to inform me that she had tried to upgrade me but that I wouldn’t know until I reached the gate as there were still spare seats that they’d been trying to sell. As “insurance”, I was given an emergency exit seat with 24″ extra legroom! Boom!

Following a guy to the gate, I saw him stop,  put down his bag and just start playing some quite awesome music on a random piano in the concourse! Another great boost to an already bright day!

I got to Gate 40 to find the plane being serviced; I was extremely excited.

I think getting an upgrade would have been pushing my luck a little too far, however. As I handed over my boarding card, there were no smiles or ushering to one side, only simply the typically happy and courteous, “Enjoy your flight” from the lovely Virgin Atlantic staff.

Still, I had my 2 feet of extra legroom so I can’t complain.



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