Personal Record! Monday Massive. Sisson.

It never gets easier, you just get better.

Flash WOD



Back in to the Watford area late last night, the goings on of the weekend ringing loudly in my ears. Yet more killings (by easily available guns) in the USA, the attack in Nice in France (by truck), the failed military coup in Turkey, UK governmental changes, CrossFit Games Gun Controversy and our eldest daughter’s birthday!


Regarding the Gun Controversy (Twitter #crossfitpetition), I’ve played quite a large part in amplifying Tweets but I’m done now. With over 20K signatures on the petition, CrossFit won’t even answer us, let alone retract its sponsorship deal with Glock. In the grander scheme of things, it’s extremely pathetic on the part of CrossFit and Dave Castro has shown us who he really is. I’m not going to ‘die in a ditch’ over it. It’s their choice, it is legal in the USA and while I might disagree with  a) civilians with handguns / automatic weapons and  b) CrossFit’s ignorance of its community, I am one of a minority, it would seem and will concede accordingly. I watch the athletes and feel inspired; I said this when I addressed the “drugs in CrossFit” issue (see “Pet Peeves” post recently). I am not going to deprive myself because then who wins? Castro remains a complete arseclown, CrossFit Inc still ignores its community and I’m the one losing out. I thoroughly enjoy CrossFit and the local communities that I’ve been happy to be a part of for the last 5 years. I will continue to support local CrossFit and continue my Nomadic journey – especially as I’m in the USA this week and will be visiting new boxes!

More importantly, as I say, it was our eldest daughter’s 7th birthday and that was definitely the main event! Parties, cake, friends, family and beautiful sunshine. Mrs Nomad did an amazing job to organise and MC the party; a screaming success. Nana Nomad assisted ably, keeping some of the more ‘psychologically energetic’ ones in line.

Morning Session


Snatch work

1 x Power Snatch + 1 x Snatch

45 / 45 / 45 / 45 / 45 / 52.5 / 52.5 / 52.5 / 52.5 / 52.5

1 x Snatch

60 / 60 / 65 / 67.5 (F) / 67.5 / 67.5

Starting to increase the weight very slightly on morning sessions to approx 90%, if morning sluggishness allows. Quite happy with movement and or,  very happy with ability to keep going after failure.

Having left the duty Blackberry at home yesterday, I was faced with the prospect of a 4 hour journey home to get it! However, Nana Nomad rescued it, took it to Southampton and I jetted down the M3 to get it – still, it was 5.5 hours in the car in total that I really didn’t want; all that compression on the back of last night’s journey is not great.



In to CF Watford for 5-3-1 Bench Press.

Time for a new 1RM? YES!! 105kg! That’s 5kg on my ‘official’ 1 RM and 2.5kg on a suspect one done on board ship about 2 years ago. I weigh the absolutely massive weight of about 79-80kg. To Bench 105kg is a really big thing for me and I’m over the moon. Sure, there was a guy in there, Tom, who benched 125kg (he is very strong) but…..


“Sisson” –

20min AMRAP

  • 1 x Rope Climb
  • 5 x Burpees
  • 200m Run

With a 10kg Vest, if you have one.


Me in the tasty 10kg vest, on the right

Total: 10 Rounds baby! Yes!

Second on today’s leaderboard but a non-stop ‘thrill’. The weight vest was broken and kept rubbing up against my neck as it bounced but that’s not the point. Entirely unbroken, had I not had to wait for the ropes (about 45s overall) then I’d have been in to round 11. No, Tom didn’t beat me on this one – I was far too competitive with myself. I topped out the 1930 session but, as I say, fell short of the winner, Liam, who achieved a fantastic 11.


  • Pre-WOD.  15g mixed nuts
  • Breakfast. 1min Nut Butter & Muesli Protein Cake.
  • Snack. 10g mixed nuts
  • Lunch. 200ml Whole Milk + Nut Butter + Egg. 2 x Boiled Eggs. 15g Nuts.
  • Snack. More nuts & Banana
  • Post-WOD. 25g MyProtein Impact Whey (for fast absorption) +25g Dried Skimmed Milk Powder (for the slow-release casein and lactose sugars)
  • Dinner. Nana Nomad’s Gluten Free Pork and Turkey Lasagne + Mashed Parsnips & Carrots. Lots of whole Milk.


Very High Op SUNSHINE Index today from start to finish. Despite the impromptu car journey and traffic, I have been in exceptionally high spirits after a fantastic weekend and with the amazing weather we’re having.


All the very best people, thank you for dropping by.


Where and how did you workout today?



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