Nice, Turkey. Rowing and Strongman Mornings. Fitness Not Firearms. 

 It has been quite a turbulent few days, locally and globally. We’ve had yet another horrendous act of Da’esh-inspired lone wolf terrorism, an attempted military coup in Turkey, a foolish gift  of Glock pistols to CrossFit Games 16 winners and…….a really bad attempt at Concept II sprinting by me!!

Nice Attacks – BBC Latest

Obviously, I jest and don’t deem to compare global mass tragedy to my own life. The events in Nice were incredibly scary and raise the prospect of similar attacks, given the simplicity, lack of coordinated activity, availability of tools and level of destruction, this is something we will see more of. Inspired, “lone wolf” attacks are extremely difficult to counter. Based on ideology, fuelled by isolation and propaganda, the current ‘whack a mole’ strategy in play in the middle east will never win. We need to understand and be more accepting. But we won’t and this type of attack will only increase. The attempted coup in Turkey is a symptom of the same overall problem; a country torn by moderation vs extremism. 

On a more isolated level, we have The Reebok CrossFit Games handing out Glock pistols to the winners. 

Those NRA-aligned within USA have turned on those with a more moderate, restricted view to guns across Europe and the Rest of the World. Unable to give a valid reason other than, “duuuuh, becuz da sekond amendment sez”, those with genuine concerns about the effect of guns on society coupled with the high profile of the CF Games are merely shouted down by foolishness rather than intelligent debate. We are being associated with guns simply by being CrossFitters and this is wrong. A petition has been set up at: that currently has over 19k signatures. Dave Castro has stated that as long as guns remain legal in USA, the prizes stand. There in lays the problem – CrossFit still sees itself as predominantly USA despite now being a hugely international event. And despite claiming it supports its affiliates, it doesn’t appear to give a shit. What can I do? Well, it’s relatively meaningless but I am considering not taking part in Open 17  and not taking any more CF courses unless there is a retraction or public disassociation between Castro and CrossFit. I cannot endorse such widespread use of handguns nor associate with an organisation that so blatantly ignores its community.
I will continue to use CF as a training methodology because I believe in it and may renew my CF Lvl 1 for coaching purposes. More to follow.


Wednesday Morning. …….

I wanted to attempt some rowing sprint scores but my technique is clearly garbage and needs checking. 

Morning Session

100m Rowing Time Trials

17.7 / 17.8 / 17.4 / 17.5 / 17.1

I noted in my last 100m TT attempt that I needed to review technique. So it is the same today. To have such a poor score (this should be around 15s for my 75%tile aims) is more a result of technique in Sprint Rowing than it is about fitness. Much to learn from Concept 2 before I try this again in a few weeks.

Friday Morning

Back in Plymouth,  I dropped in to CF Plymouth to make the most of their awesome facility.  Wanting a thrashing, I choose some basic strongman movements with the Prowler and Farmer’s Carry.

I tell you, pushing a 65 sled over rubber matting is no joke! I should have gone heavier on the carries though, perhaps 40. I really pushed myself through this, positive self talk throughout.


Honestly, not great right now. My military annual report came in and it looks like I’ll miss promotion for another year despite truly best efforts. I’m feeling quite demoralised but scoping the adventure of a non – military future with all of the change, opportunity and excitement it might bring.



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