The flight, the food, the zoo. Not a fitness post.

At around 34,000 feet, on the way to a meeting in the middle east. It’s 8pm UK time.

We took off about 40 mins late for whatever reason, never explained though. I’ve given up my seat, twice, for a quite lovely Kurdish family to all be together; very happy to help. 

Airborne…Lots of children. Jumping up and down on the seats. Screaming, shouting….parents oblivious to the disdain, pain and upset of those seating in front, alongside and behind. 

Watching The Revenant. Leonardo DiCaprio  done good. Don’t want to spoil it but I’d love to have those superhuman  healing powers!! My noise-cancelling earphones are a life saver. Not my life, the life of the guy behind who’s talking howlishly  over the eruption of his feral kids.

Dinner comes. Peppered beef stew, not bad at all, in fact really nice. Ate it all, bread, potato and dessert included….so little willpower. Could have eaten it twice over. Only had water throughout though, resisted the wine.

Turbulence, apparently, get back in seats. I think the pilot has confused the internal family-quake with external air flow issues.

The 6 year old girl next to me likes her mug of coffee black, it would seem. Well, that’s nice. Perhaps she’s got a business meeting when we land, or something.

Not a crap photo, an actual shot of the quality of the Big Bang Theory on the screen here. I don’t think it’s pirated….. 😉

Coming in to land. Beautiful night scene. 5 year old boy, wide awake talks to me. Baby sister in his mummy’s tummy, he tells me, and he didn’t go to school today. Cool! 😀

Looking forward to this trip. It’s been an interesting start.



  1. The long haul flights can be fun, well not really fun but let’s say ok. Finally there’s enough time to watch your fave shows or that movie you missed. The short flights are more time consuming as it usually takes time to go to the airport and you need to be there well ahead.


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