On the Plane Again. Early Morning Cleans. 05 Jul.

Practice like you’ve never won, perform like you’ve never lost. Anon.


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Yes, I did stay up late last night, catching up on Eastenders, I really did that. As embarrassing as it truly is, I do like a bit of Eastenders action; luckily, because of the Euro 2016 football, there were only 4 episodes to watch. Still, that’s 2 hours of my life I’ll never get back!

Anyway! In the real world, I launched myself out of bed this morning, threw kit on and jogged over to the CF NWD facility to throw a bar around for the first time in a while. Getting back in to a morning Olympic Lifting Skills set for the next month or so, it was all about the Cleans again. Full Cleans & Hang Power Cleans. The Clean ( & Jerk) are the most powerful lifts on the planet. Considering that I weigh the oh so MASSIVE amount of 80kg, to be able to shift over 100kg from the floor, to the chest and then above the head is no mean feat. Yes, yes, I know that proper lifters shift SIGNIFICANTLY more than that but I am a military staff officer who spends most of his time sat behind a keyboard, reading reports and drinking Costa coffee. That said, I do intend getting up to 110kg over the next few months – I’d aimed for the end of July but factors conspired against me; the disruption of being in Istanbul where the only CF gym for 100 miles was shut due to Ramadan (I should have checked first!) and now this week where I’m flying back to the middle east for a few days. HOWEVER, next week I get the whole week to train and the following week I have a trip to Washington DC where there are BILLIONS of CF gyms to pick from.




Stop what you’re doing, complete this. Share it with others. Not intended as a standalone WOD but there’s no reason why you can’t make this a “5 Rounds For Time” for a great little bodyweight, gymnastic, anaerobic smash.

So, this morning:

Clean Skills

60-85kg (sticking to 85% of 1RM as my morning maximum)
Full Cleans
Hang Power Cleans
Front Squats

It took a good 20-25 mins to start getting ‘unglued’ this morning. I found 60kg a bit of a challenge to start with, if I’m honest. Using the wooden ash pole in between sets to work on technique, I worked up through 70 and 80kg, finishing the set with 3 x 1 of Clean + Front Squat at 85kg. Done. I’m going to be on a plane for much of the evening but I’ve been thinking about maybe cracking a 300 Air Squats for Time while in the air; we’ll see – perhaps when everyone is asleep!


  • Breakfast: Banana Muesli Protein Cake, whole Milk.
  • Lunch: Beef Slices rolled round fresh Spinach. Tuna & homegrown Cherry Tomatoes (yep, from my own little tomato tree in my room!)
  • Dinner: Don’t know yet….whatever the airline provides. It’ll be small though.
  • Snacks: Banana, Nuts, Protein Cake (made this morning, taken as a snack).


In a good place at the moment. Feeling happy. Would love to capitalise on this more with more training this week but circumstances dictate otherwise.


Why do you read this blog? What are good points? What are development opportunities?



  1. I’m with her… I can’t do. Just reading theist made me tired :-). Oh my goodness, l haven’t watched Eastenders since we moved from Malta, but l am sure things haven’t changed.. I know Grant is back :-). 2 hours of your life you’ll never get back..haha!


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