You Want It? Fetch, Mary, Fetch! – 04 Jul 16

“Never give up on a dream just because of the time it will take to accomplish; that time will pass anyway.” – Earl Nightingale

Arriving back in to the Watford area at midnight, after dropping Josh and Stevie (via are Reading Train Station, I was all set to miss the early morning session and get some sleep. Then I remembered that I’d promised to meet a friend to train, so set my alarm, pulled the pillow over my head and ……. seemingly got out of bed about 2 mins later. I woke feeling like I’d slept not a moment. Nevermind. It’s a whole new week, there’s to be some overseas travel in it and I’ll have a maximum of 6 sessions so have to make the most of them. Do I want to get fitter, stronger, healthier? Then getting up at 0600 is not a big price to pay. FETCH!

AM Session

Waiting for the flooring to be finally finished, we won’t have morning access to barbells until tomorrow. So….

5 Rounds For Time:

  • 50m Sprint
  • 10 x Plate Ground to Overhead (25kg)
  • 20 x Wall Balls (9kg to 10′)

Time: 10:34 Rx

I went for relatively heavy overheads, perhaps should have gone heavier but 25kg are the heaviest plates we have. All Plate Overheads were unbroken and the first 2 rounds of Wall Balls were unbroken but I then switched the ball with my partner as he was having trouble with it (stupid, large, slipper leather ball vice decent, small rubberised ball) and subsequently had trouble with it myself! Still, a good little number to start the week off.

Flash WOD

Continuing with Flash WOD (Twitter #flashwod), today’s is:


That’s Commando Bear there, taking on a little challenge at CrossFit Toowoomba in Australia last year. As a reminder, #flashwod is NOT a fully- fledged WOD in itself but entirely aimed at stopping what you are doing right now and getting the body moving for a short period of time. Entirely bodyweight stuff, this is suitable for anyone, anywhere.

CF Watford

After a week living it up in Istanbul and airports, I was a little apprehensive about getting back in to it today. Should I have been? Hell no! After a good rest last week, I had a great time tonight, breaking 2 records!

Strength – Powerlift

Bench Press

3 x 5 @ 65%, 75%, 85%

70, 80, 92.5kg!

My 1RM is officially a quite weedy 102.5kg (for a CrossFitter of circa 5 years!) and I certainly wasn’t expecting to hit past 90kg. However, I could have done 95kg and will do so soon. 5 reps at this means my 1RM is definitely now above 102.5kg. Time to retest!


Well, helllooooooo MARY!

20min AMRAP

  • 5 x Handstand Push Up
  • 10 x Pistol (single leg squats)
  • 15 x Pull Ups

Total: 9 rounds plus 9 reps! A new record! I even no-repped myself 6 times for poor Pistols. Keeping the whole thing controlled and well-paced, I even decided to crack 7 rounds of it with strict Handstand Push Ups after I realised they were quicker than kipping. The first round of pull ups was unbroken but I then reverted to my game plan of sets of 5 throughout, never going less than 5 at a time. Somewhat a little disappointingly, I paced myself too much and could have achieved at least all of that round of Pistols, I think. So what, it’s a new record and I’m having that.

Beyond the Whiteboard

It’s been a while since a BTWB.con update. Very frustratingly, I am still sitting at 67th on their list. Ok, I am 37 years old and am in the top third of CrossFitters worldwide but it’s not where I aimed to be. has identified “Speed”, “Heavy” and “Light” as my weaknesses, which is to say that I haven’t recorded scores in the for a while – therefore, I need to focus on a few of the WODs it measures and get my scores back up.


Apart from a bloody flapjack, I’ve had a really good day. Flapjacks are my nemesis, I swear. I can walk in to a shop, utterly focused on buying jerky or eggs…and come out with a flapjack stuffed in my cheeks like a man-shaped hamster.


  • Breakfast: Milk Protein Pudding (similar to my microwave protein cake but with dried skimmed milk powder instead of whey protein) – inc. Banana and Muesli in there too.
  • Lunch: Ham Slices filled with Spinach, nuts
  • Snack: Flapjack, Nuts
  • Dinner: homemade Mousakka and Quinoa
  • Post-WOD: 25g MyProtein + 13g Dried Skimmed Milk Powder

I’ve added the dried milk powder to my post-WOD shake in order to add some vital carbs that have been missing, to aid immediate recovery. The casein protein in the milk powder is also much slower acting than the immediate hit of whey protein, adding to a more balanced recovery and development overnight.


It was a long drive back last night but despite the relative lack of sleep, I’ve had a great day really. Ok, so I fell asleep during a briefing but it was exceptionally sleep-worthy. Other than that, all is good. I’ll be travelling as of tomorrow lunchtime and so I’ll train tomorrow morning but won’t then get back in to the gym until Thursday night. Overall, I am in a good place, very happy and loving almost everything. Sure, work is work but I’ve got an incredible family and on driving up here on a Sunday it is usually with the funniest of memories of the weekend; on Fridays I am driven home fuelled with that to look forward to.



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