#flashwod. Saturday Motivation 

It’s been a fragmented week with international travel, airplane food, beer and unprogrammed fitness. Starting on Monday morning with Annie (good score), a partner WOD at CF Watford on Monday night and strict nutrition, it crumbled from Tuesday onwards. Not collapsing completely,  I managed a short bodyweight workout on the roof of the hotel and fearlessly fought my way back with 50 Tyre Flips in 13:50 yesterday.

Not sure of the weight but the heaviest I’ve flipped in a while. Traffic cone only for scale, not to flip 😀

On the way home late last night, after about 5 hours compressed in to my car on my journey, I felt the need for a quick blast so used the service station car park for:

  • 10 x Push Ups
  • 15 x Burpees
  • 20 x Squats

This gave me a small idea.  #flashwod

Not a full WOD by any means, and not a replacement for a complete session, but a quick blast of bodyweight / light movement that anyone can do, right now, wherever they are. There really IS enough time in the day to do “something”. Indeed, performed with perfect form and fast, this’ll hit the phosphocreatine / power pathway well and adding to general fat burning very nicely indeed. More productive than trying to hit an extra 1000 steps with the FitBit, for sure. 

These will be posted on Twitter and here most days. 

Complete . Retweet. Add Time.



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