Istanbul, Bottling Motivation, Attacks

Ok, so I opened my eyes at 0300 but the day didn’t really start until I sat down in Blumenthal’s for Poached Eggs and Bacon (Nitro Cafe) and lots of Black coffee. On my way to Istanbul for a conference.

Sugar cravings. Standing, waiting by A17, I just couldn’t get over pining for sugar. Nipping in to WHSmith, i treated myself to a cocoa Naked Bar and Upbeat protein drink. Treat.

Plane food. Egg cheese pastry thing with red pepper and spinach. Tiny plum cake. 

Creed. I’ve never been a boxer, and boxing tends to bore me like football, but the Rocky series is always such a motivational movie franchise. Watching Creed on the plane, I feel like I want to train right now, on the plane. How Do You Bottle This Feeling??!! Start using physical anchoring techniques, I think. Comment below for details

Istanbul Airport Attack. The airport here has just been attacked. 2 bombs and small arms fire, at least 10 dead. We flew in here this morning and are now further West. All safe. Monitoring news. Have not felt this this motivated in my career since 7/7 attacks. I am right here. I HATE that my daily work in the military has no genuine effect to the security of my country or partners. Sitting beyond a f’ing keyboard all day long. REALLY? ??

They Will Be Defeated.


Training. No training today. I was planning on a run tomorrow morning but will remain close to hotel.



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