Armed Forces Day, Handstands, Travel and Sugar Addiction


Armed Forces Day.

June 25th was UK Armed Forces Day (weekend) down where I live in Plymouth. Established not that long ago, actually (2006/7?) it was set up as a reaction to the hugely demanding, concurrent Iraq and Afghanistan tours. At the time, the UK military topped out at over 180,000 or so. Alas, these days, we’re languishing at a particularly dismal 140,000 after massive Defence cuts in 2010. Still, the public support is quite immense and I feel proud to continue to serve my country. It also happened to be International Handstand Day, so here’s mine:


Body Review.

The picture above reminded me that while CrossFit is all well and good for long-term health and the ability to throw a long pass out to my Grandkids in lots of years time, it’s also about looking healthy too. It’s only in the recent few weeks or so that I’ve actually been able to look at myself and be pleased with the development. I’m 37 years old, I’m not being vain for the attention of other people. I have Mrs Nomad and that is all I ever want or need. It is nice to see the fruits of your labour though and know you are getting the work/rest/food balance broadly correct.
Sugar Addict / Weekend Feeding.

Having just said that about my body and all-round good work, I have go to get to grips with weekend bingeing. I spend all week being very good and discipline, acknowledging that I’m going to have some beer, good food and probably chocolate on a Friday or a Saturday. But hell, if I’m not smashing a 3 day weekend of badness! I get in late on a Friday night after a 6 hr drive to a beautiful meal, down it with a pint, eat chocolate, spend Saturday stuffing cake and ice cream in to my face, a beer on Saturday night and then the same on Sunday (without the beer) before driving the 3.5 hours back to work! I genuinely feel like I’ve got an addiction where I simply cannot control my input over the weekends. I graze the fridge, guzzle lemonade, and get cranky if I don’t have those things. I appreciate that it partly stems from having denied myself over the week but I must grip this else the rest is for nothing.

However, when the Sunday morning looks like this (below), all can’t be that bad.


But yes, I do have to tighten this up. Weekend are not there to undo great work in the week. Or, perhaps, more delicious protein cake to replace the other goodies??


I’ll be out of the normal routine from tomorrow through Friday and then next Tues through Thurs. Expect updates from exotic locations (*yeah, right!*), some bodyweight stuff and, hopefully, so time to attack some bench press, pistols and other things I’ve neglected recently.


Day 20 – #22kill #22pushup challenge:



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