Tyres in the Rain. Rowing in Mordor – Mon 20 Jun 16

  • 0600. Alarm.
  • 0601. Eyelids slowly prised apart.
  • 0602. Warm. Cosy. In Bed. Rain on Window.
  • 0603. Remember I put a notice on the CF NWD page to let them know we’d have Tyres to move at 0615. Arse.
  • 0604. Roll out of bed. Load Tassimo machine with Costa Americano. Press Button.
  • 0605. Open curtains. Stare at bleak, tear-stained windows. Take coffee from machine. Stare at small puddle of water appearing under the window that doesn’t shut properly.

But, have no fear, dear fitness readers, I downed the coffee, felt like Superman and headed out in to the morning mire. Yeah, I got dressed first, pulling on my freebie Malwarebytes t-shirt (yep, I’m a geek) as I walked out the door.

I hadn’t expected anyone to be around at this time of the morning but sure enough, stood looking like a wet cat, was an athlete stood by the Tyres outside CrossFit NWD on the astroturf.


Ensuring a safe and thorough warm up, we forged ahead with:

50 x Tyre Flip Burpee Box Jumps

Time: 11:52

A tasty little opener for the day. CrossFit NWD is being refurbished and so there will be a lot more outdoor work for the next month. I may even actually go for a run!

A strong start to the day but there was more to come!




3 x 3 Weighted Pull Ups (Strict)

3 x 5 / 3 x 10 / 3 x 15 / 3 x 20 / 3 x 25kg

Not something I’ve done much of before but I was pretty pleased with this one. Something I think I might do more of.


5 min AMRepAP

  • Run 800m
  • Max Effort Burpees
  • 1 min Rest

5 min AMRepAP

  • Row 1000m
  • Max Effort Pushups
  • 1 min Rest

5 min AMRepAP

  • 100 x Wall Balls
  • Max Effort Box Jumps

Burpees = 28. Pushups = 27. Box Jumps = 0

Smashing the 800m Run in 2 min 18 secs, I pushed hard to keep going with the Burpees. Happy. The 100m Row took 3 min 38 secs, keeping to a steady 1:49 average. Alas, I couldn’t get through all Wall Balls in the 5 mins after the recent Karen Personal Record (6:50) and after the remainder of this WOD. Still, it was a strong score among the legends of CF Watford.


  • Breakfast: Egg, Whole Milk, Mashed Banana, Whey Protein.
  • Lunch: BBQ Chicken pieces, Whole Milk, Cherry Tomatoes, Spinach
  • Dinner: Avocado & Egg Salad, Lamb Tagine, Cheese
  • Snack: Nuts, v.small Flapjack.


Another poor night’s sleep where I was still awake past midnight. I need to get this sorted. I have Valerian sleep tea and hypnosis on my iPod but I’ve not used either regularly; I really should get back in to it.


Tyre Flips: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aEL9f81F8Do



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