Snatch This! :D Equalling a Record and Feeling Awesome!

Yeah….um….about this morning.

I KNOW what I’ve been saying recently about motivation, achieving goals, even smugly highlighting that I train in the rain when others don’t…………but………you know some mornings when even though the sun is shining you look outside and think, “nah”. Well, that was me this morning. I’d had another pretty crappy night’s sleep and was feeling a little shocking. However, I’d foolishly put on the CF NWD page that I would be up and raring to got for “Cindy” at 0615. What a douche!

So here’s what happened next. I got dressed in to PT rig, headed downstairs and outside to the monkey bars. Noone there. About-Turn. Walk back up to room and lay on bed reading book.

Yep, that actually happened! As the French might say, “qu’est ce que le fuck?!”

So, yeah, it happens to us all.

However, tonight, I did go to CF Watford to cleanse myself of such lazy thoughts and actions!  And I won.

Strength – Building towards a 1RM

3 x 3 Snatch

3 x 50 / 3 x 60 / 3 x 65. THEN. 1 x 70 / 1 x 75!!!

The WOD was for 3 x 3 but I couldn’t resist it!! I knew I had it in me to hit 75kg for the first time since Oct 15, despite many, many attempts. The morning work has been paying off. I have confidence to go for more very soon, as with the Clean & Jerk.



  • 1 min ME Box Jumps @24″
  • 1 min ME Sumo Deadlift High Pull @ 42.5kg
  • 2 min ME Box Jumps
  • 2 min ME SDHP
  • 3 min ME Box Jumps
  • 3 min ME SDHP

27/15 – 41/25 – 50/35 = Total of 203!

A good test of Muscular Endurance, the trick is to pace this at the beginning and not go out too hard. Yesterday’s Anaerobic Recovery WOD was complemented today by an Aerobic Capacity / Muscular Endurance WOD. This one very much focused on low weight, high volume balance and coordination.


Nutrition – Recipe

Banana Nut Butter Protein Cake


  • 1 medium Banana
  • 1 scoop Whey Protein Powder (Chocolate)
  • 1 teaspoon Crunchy Nut Butter (almond or cashew)
  • Handful Oats / Dried Fruit
  • 1 Large Egg
  • 1 microwave
  • 1 minute on full

In a mug, mash banana until completely liquid (who knew there was so much liquid in a banana!). Mix in Nut Butter & Oats / Fruit and keep whisking with fork until smooth (apart from the crunchy nut bits). Add 20-25g Whey Protein and keep mixing until smooth (yeah, apart from the nut bits!). Add 1 x Large Egg and whisk with fork. Put mug in microwave (do not cover, you’ll find out why). Shut door (health and safety). Put power on Full and Timer for 1 minute. START.

This is ‘Take Two’ of a version I tried a while ago that was dry, spongey and quite horrible. This one is so much better. What grows up out of the mug is a delicious cake of pure awesome power-in-a-cup!! This is now my Go To sweet snack pre or post-WOD. Amazing hot or cold. You may need to eat it with a fork though as you tend to get some gooey chocolatey goodness at the bottom. Alternatively, turn the mug upside down to get it out and you’ll have a cake with ready-made sauce! Why not try adding coconut instead of oats / fruit?


Day 15 – #22kill #22pushupchallenge:



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