How much do I want this? Get Out Of Bed! Monday 13 Jun 16

Back in to it with force this morning. Following on from last week’s early morning theme of ‘Power’ and Oly Lifting work, it was all about the Hang Power Clean today. So, up at 0600, Tassimo in the cup (Carte Noire Petite Dejeuner, I’ll have you know) and kit on. A quick mooch over to the gym and by 0615 I had a barbell in hand. Especially on a Monday morning, but generally too, CF NWD is pretty quiet; I was tempted to start conducting some coaching in the mornings but am enjoying the time on my own actually, now that I have set out morning areas for development. I also forgot my iPod….lesson learned for tomorrow!

AM Strength – Skill, Moderate Heavy Lifting

Hang Power Clean

10 x 40kg / 10 x 50 / 5 x 60 / 5 x 65 / 5 x 70 / 3 x 75 / 3 x 77.5 / 3 x 77.5kg

It look a while to get the hips engaged but once I was through the 40/50kgs, I was getting a lot of power up through the hips. 85% of my 1RM (90kg) is 72.5kg and so I was extremely pleased to hit the 77.5kg as I did. The skin being ripped off my thumb and the pain in the thumbnails (hook grip) were limiting factors in this case but actually I wouldn’t have gone heavier. Tomorrow will be Hang Power Snatch, if I can find some zinc oxide tape for my thumb!


PM @ CF Watford

I should have guessed what would be on the menu after trashing my thumbs this morning – SNATCH! HAHAHA!!!!

Not a worry though. I got to Sainsbury beforehand and grabbed some tape; it didn’t help the pain in my thumb as I tried to hook grip though – By Thor’s Scraggly Beard!


3 x 5 Snatch

40 / 50 / 60kg

Ok, still not all that strong, I get that. However, I was very pleased with the form and ability to cycle through 5 @ 60kg. Now’s the time to start pushing the weight. Confidence under the bar is key. Tomorrow morning’s Hang Power Snatches will help.

MetCon – Muscular Endurance, Gymnastics, Active Recovery, Coordination

Partner WOD

30min AMRAP

  • 30 x Double Unders
  • 15 x Pull Ups
  • 15 x Push Ups
  • 100m ‘Sprint’

Total: 13 rounds plus 32 Singles (partner did single skips)

I Rx’d the lot, completing 7 of the 13 rounds. Pull Ups were the hardest part but easily the bit I was most happy with. Double Unders unbroken throughout (almost, 1 trip in round 2), Push Ups were strong. The Pull Ups were unbroken in round 1 and 2, then broken in to 10s and 5s for 3/4/5, then 5s for the final 2.


I’ve been adding more to the food as of this morning. Still very clean but just a little more of everything. 300ml of Whole Milk, for example, an extra egg at lunchtime. Food over the weekend was typical, with beer, nachos and relaxation food. However, it’s back to the working week now.


Feeling strong. Really enjoying the training at the moment. The routine seems to be working. Now, I just need to sort out the sleep issue (not getting off to sleep well at all). Generally feeling very motivated though and am also loving adding a little bit back in to the Twitter world @nomadiccrossfit


Kipping Pull Up Tutorial:



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